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Discomfort 24hrs After Ejaculation?

I never used to get this, despite the constant pain - but last 2 years I have. No pain on ejaculation but then an intense abdominal/perineal discomfort building after about 24 hours and lasting days, or more. Doesn't happen every time but when it does it can be so severe. I have wondered if it indicates a pressure build up (hence blockage) or something like that. The strange bit is the fact it is delayed.

Does anyone else get this sort of symptom? And if so, have you ever had any sort of explanation from anyone medically informed as to what might cause this?



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Hello Dave and everyone else,
I have been reading many posts for a few months on this great site,but after reading your symptoms Dave it inspired me to join.
A lot of what you describe Dave has happened to me. I am 39 also & have battled this dredded disease for over 15 years. I thought I had beaten it about 10 years ago bit it came bk after having no symptoms for about 2years. I also had a cystoscopy about 7 years ago which showed I had cystitis & a swollen prostate. My symptoms dissapeared again for a few years only to return. I have tried many medications had a TRUS(showed calcifications) have seen many urologists who had no answer , the only symptoms I get now which I didn't get before is like you Dave post ejaculatory. I usually start getting them(pain in urethra,urinary frequency,pressure in crotch) a few hours after ejaculating. The only thing that helps me is the prostate massage. I have a urologist that is willing to do this everytime I call . This has helped me live more of a normal life. I have 2 kids so at least it hasn't affected my fertility. Anyways great being on here. Talk to you soon
Hi Dave-welcome aboard! I have exactly the same symptom but mine is definate prostatic/anal pain, ejaculation ok but afterwards not nice. Usually lasts 2-3 days during which time I use diclofenac suppositories to minimise the discomfort as much as possible. It causes me to plan sex out methodically, especially if I have to do anything much in the days following ejaculation. My theory is that after the prostate spasms during orgasm, my calcifications are acting like abrasive sandpaper/rocks & agravating the prostate. The worst thing you can do after ejaculation is to sit for long periods, this magnifies the problem massively. Thank god I am redundant soon from my sitting job! I also find that penetrative intercourse hurts a lot less than manually induced ejaculation, maybe because you dont have to try so hard? I also limit sex to once a week sometimes less, so Ill already be used to the erection recovery period post LRP whenever that happens LOL..!!!
Hmm, sorry to hear you are redundant shortly Nik, though hope this works in a good way for you. I find that the discomfort is related to some sort of spasm or event that doesn't always occur, and hence the discomfort doesn't always occur - if arousal is maintained without ejaculation, sometimes I get twinges felt down the urethra, and an unpleasant feeling there too. Then, sometimes, something spasms or bursts and a fluid is released... not sure where it comes from but it is not pre-ejaculate and not normal ejaculate. If that happens, I am 100% guaranteed to get the discomfort afterwards. I originally thought it must be releasing an infected fluid from somewhere - perhaps it is - but then again the discomfort could be the result of the spasm or whatever happens. Once it happens, it usually won't happen the next time, and when it is due to happen i.e. have the crappy urethral twinges, it will always happen eventually, e.g. even if next day. Which kind of points to a physical occurrence of some sort waiting to happen. I think this is often occurs during normal intercourse but is just hidden away as part of the main spasm of muscles. The duration of subsequent discomfort was shorter when on abx.

The GU person I was seeing tried once explaining how they think some epidymitis works .. and that was very much about layers of tissue rubbing against each other, so could be that some discomfort as you say is a result of calcifications.
Hello Sliderred, sorry to hear about your very similar situation. I too have had periods of up to 18 months without symptoms, but it has always returned. Mine have usually been achieved via antibiotics, however the success of these has been limited in the last 2 years which has been more intense. Interesting that you find massage works - when do you do this? i.e. do you wait for discomfort and symptoms to start, or routinely do it after intercourse? Pity its not something you can do yourself.
Hey Dave,
I wait for the discomfort & symptoms to start before I call my urologist who is very understanding. I did try to do this myself but I couldn't do it. I tried to have my wife do it but she couldn't do it either, so I am stuck going to him ,but it sure beats living with the pain. I am going to answer your other post about other illnesses.
no need to see a uro for a prostate massage. This works great to drain prostate fluid. 10 times better then a finger. been using it for years.

Is prostate massage okay for people with calcifications? I have those according to my Urologist, and wouldnt want to worsen my pain by massaging my prostate and grinding those crystals all around

I agree nik I have this too the same as you and Dave once again people know whats going on but doctors don't? there not stupid so they simply must not care or choose to let their ego think they cant be taught by patients? Did any you get rid of this pain build up after sex or ejaculation yet?

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