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Hi everybody, I'm a 45 year old man from Italy. I'm going to share my experience with you all ,  hoping in some answer...

Two years ago I had the ablation of a part of my prostate with holmium laser enucleation (HoLep tecnique).

My prostate was not so big but the median lobe was pushing into the bladder  causing a bad urinary blockage (weak stream and inability to empty the bladder) so the doctor decided to remove the median lobe only.

After a week I felt quite good, the only problem I had was blood in urine and some light pain during
urination.After 10 days,until now, pain in the prostate area was drammatically increased , esxpecially at the end of voiding, but the worst thing happens is a bladder overactivity that is killing me...

The symptoms I had before the operation are nothing comparing what I have now . I have to go to
the bathroom every hour , feel as if I had not emptied the bladder . Perineal zone is on fire all the time, exspecially after sex .

One month after operation I had a prostate/bladder ultrasound + uroflowmetry to see if anything was ok. Results was perfect. My stream was superb comparing the one I had before the operation and no more "inability to empty the bladder". Doctor said that anything was fine and I have no worry because it's question of time.

Two years have passed from the oepration and I'm still here with an increased pain plus an overactive bladder wich doesn't allow me to live my life anymore.My uroflowmetry is ok, it seems I don't have blockage issue anymore , problem is pain and overactive bladder . Imagine living your life with the feeling that the bladder is always full , but in reality is empty .

I did a cystoscopy a few months ago that showed a kind of swelling lumps in the prostate lodge due to the inflammatory process that is still present...


I was seriously thinking to remove the prostate  but what scares me is impotence and incontinence, which I read may arise after the operation... I would like to know some people who had the laparoscopic prostatectomy at age of 40/50 without having  these two complications.

Thanx, appreciate any answer..



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Marco, you may want to reach out to Rich Ellenberger on this network; his story is also posted here.

David Radford
 is a bit older but also a member here. You can see his video here.


Thanx a lot Dr. Krongrad , I've read the stories , it seems they're ok now...I was particularly impressed with the story of David Radford , listen to him and what he has been through it reminds me what I'm going through right now...Quality of life ruined , Anything's problem...Hundreds of pills taken, antibiotics,alpha-blockers,anti-inflammatory,anti-muscarinics,cortisone,etc.etc...nothing works.

Having a job that leads me to travel a lot (real estate agent south east area) you can immagine the problems I have when gettin on the plane with my overactive bladder due to prostate inflamation...It's a nightmare.

Next month I will try with the ultrasound guided intraprostate infiltration to see how it goes, it will be my last attempt, if fails I will consider to visit you.


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