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Hi everyone, I'm Rhythm, 59, and new to this forum. Thanks for all the support here.

I've only had prostatitis for 6 months, so when I see members posting that they are in their 10th or 15th year of this unbearable disease, it makes me feel foolish saying I don't how much longer I can bear it. It also makes me feel quite depressed and hopeless that my own prostatitis could be around for decades. Obviously I was hoping to resolve it within months, or 1 year at the most, but there seems to be no dependable treatments that work consistently, just "I tried everything and nothing's really helped," or "I get a tiny bit of relief, just taking the edge off, if I take a whole bunch of Tramadol" or some other heavy-duty prescription drug.

Occasionally, someone reports 50%-90% ongoing relief from some nutrient or supplement (like Allicin,) but then others say "Didn't do anything for me."

I, too, have tried many, many things to reduce the pain - mostly non-prescription methods & supplements, since prescription pain-relievers like codeine and drugs like SSRIs & Tramadol make me feel very druggy. NSAIDS like Advil/Aleve do nothing for the pain, even 600 mg of Advil.

I will continue my own search for something that actually works, and contribute here. I welcome any advice you all can share. I am currently trying a week of fresh-cooked Chinese herbs from a master herbalist who says he's had success with prostate/bladder issues, but on day 5, no improvement.

For me, my main symptom is the burning, rash-like pain in my scrotum, perineum, and rectum. I also have burning pee and pain at tip of penis, but I'm not peeing excessively...only had 3-4 nights in the whole 6 months where I got up 5-6 times to pee, usually just twice.

If I could just find something to dial down the burning pain a few notches in my scrotum, perineum, and rectum (particularly my rectum, for some reason) I could bear some of the other symptoms.

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Rhythm Earthsong-

I struggled with many of your symptoms for 10-11 months. After many tests; stds, UTI, prostate, cystoscopy , TRUS, I found out that I don't have an infection, there are no strictures in my urethra, and my prostate looks great.

What has worked for me......physical therapy for cpps, amitriptyline, and low steroid, and seeing a chiropractor. Through the process of elimination and keeping my primary care physician, urologist, and chiropractor aware of the progress with each of them it has been determined that my problem is most likely nerve related.

Through taking a multidimensional approach my symptoms and pain is often at 0, with the occasional 1-2. Carl and many others have shared how open Dr. Bahn is. It's a good idea to see him if only for a TRUS. At least this will let you know what is going on or what is not. If anything maybe a piece of mind.

Keep us posted of your progress.
Did u had an infection before?
I was convinced that I had an infection because my symptoms started shortly after unprotected sex with a female. However after multiple urinalysis, std, and prostate excretion tests coming up negative. I had to except that my symptoms were not infection related. It was initially hard to except, but if it's not there it's not there.
Well it could be there but cant culture it... Have you done a pcr and dna test?
PCR was done for Uroplasma, Genitalium Microplasma, and HSV. All negative.

Carl, I wonder if you had any updates on your progress with the Bahn injections. Have you had your 2nd or 3rd round yet? If so, how reduced is your problem & pain. Also curious to know how painful it is to receive these injections, if you pass much blood afterwards, and if you've had any other side effects due to the strong cocktail of antibiotics, antifungals and steroids he uses?

Some research has been done in Canada on the effectiveness of cannabis as a pain treatment for those with CPPS. The results seem quite positive. Does anyone here have any experience of using cannabis to help the pain?



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