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Hello everyone.. I am a fellow prostatitis sufferer living in Canada. My conditions seems to be a little different than most peoples... I started having the symptoms about 9 months ago. It started as a sharp pain in my pelvic region for which I saw the doctor, he prescribed antibiotics and some pain killers... The pain continued and I saw another doctor who did some urine tests and found nothing.. I finally saw a Urologist who did a cystoscopy which found showed no abnormalities... He checked my stream of urine and it was low and based on this he concluded I had prostatitis. He precribed cipro 3 weeks and than 4 weeks after that. My symptoms after this subsided for about a month than came back with pain in the testicles for which I went back to him... he has presribed cipro 4 weeks again.. But I am not taking it... I am going to see a different urologist now to see what he says,... I have never had any fevers or chills from my prostatitis, which leads me to think its not bacterial however the antibiotics Ive taken have seem to help, especially the Azithromyacin which I took for the testicle pain, and the doxycycline to a lesser extent helped with th pain aswell.

My question is:
What is the cost of Dr. Bahn's treatment in Cali? (the 3-4 sessions everything included)
And does his treatment really work? I am going to consider it if this next urologist cant do anything for me either...

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To all with positive cultures, interested in autoimmune vaccine, there is a new, over the counter drug available in Prague that is similar to the German StroVac (injections) content-wise, it's called Urivac

1 capsule contains 5 mg of active substance prepared by lyophilization of inactivated microorganisms: Klebsiella pneumoniae lysatum cryodessicatum (CCM 7589), Pseudomonas aeruginosa lysatum cryodessicatum (CCM 7590), Enterococcus faecalis lysatum cryodessicatum (CCM 7591), Escherichia coli lysatum cryodessicatum (CCM 7593), Proteus mirabilis lysatum cryodessicatum (CCM 7592), Propionibacterium acnes lysatum cryodessicatum (CCM 7083)

If you have some of the above bacteria present in your samples, this preparation should be helpful. You should be off-antibiotics. This vaccine is available in most pharmacies here, I found this one offering it for online orders:

I listed other preparations available in EU in my previous posts in this thread.

am looking a vaccine for staphylococcus aerues ?

Sam za - there you go  this drug is on prescription and it's in a form of injections. You would need to get a doctor to write a prescription for you, and order it in Poland (don't ask me where - it is available in every bigger pharmacy or they get it for you within a day from the warehouse).

unfortunately i Am outside of Europe ? I'm looking for online purchase? do u know link?

No, I don't. Additionally, shipping drugs to Oman where you are based is not warranted due to certain EU Regulations. The best way is to come to Europe to pick it up or arrange delivery with someone who travels to Europe. As I mentioned, polyvaccinum is on prescription but it contains Staphylococcus aureus strains as well. Please, think more before posting questions.

Interesting information.

Would like to ask how are you now Novik? 

Did those autoimmune vaccines work at all for real? 

And by the way don't use quinolones foc chlamydia. Contraindicated 

You need azithromycin/roxithromycin/rifampicin maybe even doxicycline and metronidazole could help, but stay away from any quinolone they will only strengthen your chlamydia infection with thime. 

Last but not least, any feedback on GoranS EDTA-suppositories.? Anyone tried them out?

I have tried the EDTA protocol during 3 months and the results were marginal at best....but you can try it will not harm you and may help.

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