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Has anyone had issues with nausea and prostatitis? I have had chronic prostatitis for two years and get the occasional flare up that I treat with antibiotics. I had a flare up two months ago and was on Levaquin for a month because of the burning sensation would not go away. I then started having extreme episodes of nausea. I have gotten off all antibiotics but still having the burning sensation on the tip of my penis and the nausea. Thoughts?

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I just recently started having the burning issue. today I've had nausea. Not sure if they are related yet or not.

I have read your post and I am sure I can help you.
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For prostate problems there is a suppository which should be placed twice a day (morning and evening) into the rectum plus the crucial parts should also be sprayed by Lavyl Auricum Sensitive 3-5 times a day.
About 2 weeks later you will be totally cured and can forget your prostate problems.

The two products, Lavyl suppository – named Allin – and the spray Lavyl Auricum Sensitive used together can treat and solve further problems like haemorrhoids, colitis and different gynacological problems.
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One thing I've found on this. If you have been prescribe Flomax as part of your treatment take a look at the side effects. Most of my ongoing issues seem to be more related to it than prostatsis. Takes a while for it to get out of your system, but since I stopped taking it 4 days ago, I'm feeling a lot better. In terms of prostatsis still fighting some of the side effects, but the nausea has pretty much subsided.

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