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A patient recently asked if there is any relationship between Vitamin D and prostatitis. Here is one paper indicating that there may be some interaction between Vitamin D pathways and autoimmune prostatitis in mice.


Any other references?

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I wonder if this has anything to do with that other study that showed prostatitis worsening in the winter in many cases ie, no vitamin D from the sun?

Good point, Nik. The question is how histological prostatitis in mice models clinical/symptomatic prostatitis in humans. Are there any data on vitamin D levels and/or supplementation and the interactions with prostatitis symptoms in humans?

On Friday December 2, the Nutritional Science Research Group at the National Cancer Institute will host an online seminar about vitamin D. Below is a brief description of the program. You can click here to register.


Vitamin D is increasingly recognized to have multiple physiological roles beyond its function in bone health. Emerging evidence suggests that higher vitamin D exposures may reduce risk of certain cancers in some populations, but can possibly increase risk in others. We will discuss current nutritional guidelines, strength of current research, and some potential mechanisms by which vitamin D may influence cancer risk.



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