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I have been taking a suppliment called AllicinMax for around 2 months now and my prostatitis symptoms have improved by around 50-65% depending on the day. After the fiirst few days the improvement was rapid but now it seems to have levelled off but maintaining well, as long as I continue with taking the capsules. I took 4-6 per day at first but now taking 3 a day and holding.


I have no idea how or why it is helping but after reading the leaflet I believe its by antibacterial action. The feeling I have is as if I still have some prostate pain but seminal vesicle pain is gone and the rectal area feels much less conjested. The golf ball feeling is much smaller. On a good day its almost gone. I no longer have night sweats while taking AllicinMax and bowel movements are far more comfortable.


I believe for some this could be a very good suppressive treatment.

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I am another AllicnMax user from the now defunct site.  I went from very frequent flare ups that were in the high 20's - low 30's on the symptom index before taking the AllicinMax to being symptom free 90% of the time, and the 10% of the time I do have symptoms, my score is around 16, which is very manageable and doesn't stop me from doing anything.  I also take Saw Palmetto every day. 


I also credit the AllicinMax for lowering my blood pressure (which was slightly high before I started taking it) and strengthening my immune system.  I haven't had a single cold this winter, which is a first for me. 

I dont recall saying that personally, but probably did agree with it in a previous post. I was merely wishing jef well, as apart from his 6 point drop he did seem to appreciate a noticeable improvement since taking the allicin. It possibly is placebo affect but time will tell. My symptoms with allicin max vary from a drop of 10-15 points (from 30+) depending on the day. I still have prostatitis, its still a problem, but for now its a lot more bareable. I have recently started aerobic excersise to see if I can add to the affect of the allicinmax. Its early into my workout regime but I do notice a large improvement for a few hours after each workout. All said and done I still think the end of the road for this condition will be LRP for most people as we are finding such a high incidence of cancer so far. Any treatment that helps but does not cure only serves do delay any decision on surgery.

Found it, Nik. It was this thread about trigger-point release where we looked at the data and compared to the fact that in some other studies placebo alone conferred a 5-7 point difference in symptoms scores. And you said this: "My pain can fluctuate by + or - 10 in a week easily. A drop of 6 sounds like a joke to me, like another get rich quick scheme to milk prostatitis patients."

It would be good to see have data with which to quantify the likelihood and durability of therapeutic effect.

Data is extremely valuable. The difference I am finding now though, is rather than a fluctuation up and down of 10 from 30, the score is staying down by 10-15 from 30. A drop of 6 is a joke if your score is 30+ but if it were 15 then becomes more meaningful. It all depends on the baseline score.


Im really glad to here about Bill from Spokane BTW.

Thought that I'd share this:

diallyl sulphides from AGE garlic do have antibacterial properties also, and possibly could be used with allicin against prostatitis. Since th bioavailability issues of allicin are questionable, it might be worth trying AGE garlic supplement alsoas the sulphides have good activity against e coli and other bacteria.

Garlic extract and two diallyl sulphides inhibit methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection in BALB/cA mice  (garlic extract and sulphides resulted in 100% survival)

Inhibitory Effects of Aqueous Garlic Extract, Garlic Oil and
Four Diallyl Sulphides against Four Enteric Pathogens

in vitro Antibacterial Activity and Stability of Garlic Extract at
Different pH and Temperature


The mice are safe.


The cucumber supply is safe from bacteria after garlic is stored at room temperature for a week.


Are there any data to tie these laboratory findings to the pelvic pain of prostatitis?

 I'm not aware of data showing that garlic is effective in humans for prostatitis, only in rats where it inhibited bacteria and inflammation in chronic bacterial prostatitis, and was also synergistic with cipro. There is some data to suggest that the consumption of garlic is able to reduce prostate cancer in humans too.  A pubmed search on prostate and garlic mainly brings up the ability of garlic to prevent BPH and prostate cancer in humans. This is all I've been able to find unfortunately. The effectiveness of supplements like Allicin are mainly anecdotal from myself, a friend of mine (who is also in remission) and others users on the internet who've reported some success, but not everyone.


Well, that's really the point. Without prospectively, systematically gathered data, a patient with symptoms does not have any framework for quantifying the likelihood that his symptoms will improve. You'd think the makers of a product that works would on the basis of commercial interest alone, if not the will to help humanity, would conduct such a study and gather such data.

Just a quick update to say I have had a severe relapse and the allicin effect after lasting many months has worn off. I am finding myself partially incontinent now when passing gas, when bladder is full, or after a bowel movement. I suspect the prostate inflamation is partially holding my urinary sphincter open. I am taking 4 tramadols per day to try to control the pain and this is only taking the edge off it. I am taking 4 sachets of Movicol per day to try to soften stools as my bowel movements leave me lying on the bed in pain for 2 hours afterward.

Great questions. Which dimension of prostatitis symptoms is most affected by Allicin? Is there an associated anatomical change, e.g. prostate shrinking? If anyone has seen data on this, please share.


The idea of bioavailability applies to all pharmaceuticals. So indeed, why not inject? Well, first of all, injections of other, better characterized pharmaceuticals, e.g. antibiotics, are not a cure-all; this is reviewed here.


Secondly, and contrasted with well controlled pharmaceuticals, e.g. antibiotics, it's not clear if Allicin is pure and/or even sterile. If it is not sterile, which is the case for many things that go in by mouth, then injecting into the prostate may actually inject infectious agents. More extremely, it may be that plant extracts, which are fine when ingested by mouth, may induce an allergic reaction. Think about a thorn that gets under your skin that causes local inflammation. In other words: Is it possible that Allicin injection would actually cause prostatitis symptoms, including very severe symptoms?


Until the effects of oral Allicin are properly characterized -- we've not seen any clinical data -- and its ingredients are characterized, the absolute last thing I would consider is injecting into anywhere in the body, including the prostate.

Sulfur, like oxygen and carbon, is an element found in many forms and in many molecules. Apparently it's in Allicin, too. No surprise.
I took trimethoprin sulfate and had allergic reaction to the sulfur in that...however I took allicin not knowing there was sulfur in it and had no problems whatsoever...



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