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I had a TURP when I was 30 and from then on the symptoms started.  I had constant bladder infections and for the last ten years I have had pretty constant chronic prostatitis.  I have been on methadone and now on hydromorphone for the pain.  I have tried botox injected into the pelvis twice.  The first time it reduced my symptoms by a third the second time a month ago it only stirred up my symptoms perhaps its still to early to know.

It's been suggested I try spinal chord stimulation.  I wondered if any one else have tried this and whether it helped.


Charles Wilson

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I'm aware of patients who've had spine surgery and pain pumps. Not sure I've heard of anyone with a spinal cord stimulator for prostatitis.

Dear Dr Krongrad,


There are actually some interesting articles on the subject on the net.  One interesting article is called "Sacral neurodulation for chronic pain conditions"  by Claudio A Feler , Louis Whitworth it appeared in Anesthesiology Clin N Am 21 (2003) p785-795. 





The National Library of Medicine has a total of two articles related to "spinal cord stimulator" + "prostatitis." (click here) Neither provides a measure of the effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation on the symptoms of prostatitis, which is the point at hand. So while the theory may or may not be sound, the clinical proof is not available (as far as I know).


The Feler article of 8 years ago provides a single example of a 44-year old man with epididymo-orchalgia (or epididymitis and prostatitis, depending upon if one relies of the header or text) who had a reduction of 75% in symptom intensity (by a measure that was not specified and from an intensity that was not specified) for a duration that was not specified. The other 3 examples relate to women. So overall, while it is theoretically interesting, this reference, like the National Library of Medicine, does not provide basic treatment decision support: Who will benefit? For how long will one benefit? What are the risks?


Are there any other references, studies, and/or case stories?



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