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At 4:11pm on November 2, 2011, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Hi Steven. What happens when you take Cipro?  AK
At 4:56pm on November 2, 2011, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…

So it seems you are describing two different kinds of side effects: CNS and allergic. That's unfortunate. For your interest, one of our members described permanently losing his ability to balance at night after antibiotics, which would seem like a neurotoxicity. It's good you didn't have permanent impairment.


It would be good if you would add a description to the thread about antibiotics. It might be useful to someone else one of these days. At your discretion.

At 4:58pm on November 2, 2011, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Here's the link to the story of the patient who reportedly had loss of balance from antibiotics.
At 5:13pm on November 2, 2011, Steven F said…
I just saw your video on surgery and am very interested.  I've weighted the risks and am sure that I'd prefer to take the gamble.  I've done all the books, diets, etc.  I've read "headache in the pelvis" backwards and forwards.  For me, the feeling of the bacterial infection is as bad as the pain itself.  I hate the clammy feeling, the lethargy, nausea, chills, loss of appetite.  I am tired of telling physicians that I want this thing removed and have them view me amusement.  I'm still relatively young and would rather do it now, than later.
At 5:13pm on November 2, 2011, Steven F said…

I will comment on the antibiotic board. 


At 7:58pm on November 2, 2011, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Have a look at Gerry's prostatitis video. You may find some common elements.
At 9:41pm on January 19, 2013, Nicholas S Muff said…

I am glad you found relief from the prostatitis and infection symptoms. It was a mircle of relief for me! Improvement continued over several years so that I am 100% symptom free now.

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