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At 11:00am on October 4, 2013, Ra said…

Jim, what about urinary frequency? How often you have to go? Frequency is for me very annoying, like i have to go every 1 - 1,5 hour.

At 8:13pm on October 4, 2013, jim said…
Hello it depends how bad my symptoms are. When I am suffering alot I can go to the toilet every half hour. What bowel symptoms do you?
At 6:09am on October 5, 2013, Ra said…

i have pain in lower abdomen.

At 5:47pm on October 7, 2013, jim said…
What does the pain feel like? Do you have the funny golf ball feeling in the rectum? I will let you know how my operation goes as I know how hard it is to suffer with the pain - my operation is in two weeks
At 4:10am on October 8, 2013, Ra said…
My pain is more like burning. I do not heave the golf ball feeling int the rectum. I wish you success wiht the operation! And yes, please let me know how are you doing!
At 10:43am on October 28, 2013, Ra said…

Hi Jim,

How are you doing? Did you had surgery allready?


At 10:47am on May 16, 2016, John haynes said…

Hi Jim,

Was just wondering if you went for surgery in the end??

hope your well!

Take care buddy



At 5:39pm on June 6, 2016, John haynes said…
Hi Jim , did you suffer any ED after removal?



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