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At 1:06am on February 20, 2013, Chris said…

Hello Nacho,

Sorry I'm late responding to your friend's request, I'm in China at the moment.


Did you want to ask me something?



At 2:57pm on March 28, 2013, Lifebouy said…


I had a consultation with Christopher Eden and have booked the LRP for next week He was reassuringly confident and has said 24 out of 25 success rate. However it  feels like playing Russian  roulette and I would dearly love not to be in a position to have to make this decision.

I will of course update 

Relieved Ive taken action but xxxx scared


At 7:57pm on May 6, 2013, Thomas Rodert said…

Hi Nacho,

I hope things get better for you. I know how disabling this condition is. I'm also considering having the LRP done at some point in the future, but really need more information. One of the things which attracted me to this site was that Dr Krongrad seemed to be doing a great deal to get real data about prospects of recovery with LRP. Unfortunately, I can't get any reply from him regarding his research project. This is a little discouraging.

Barcelona isn't so far from Christopher Eden, and he seems to be getting good results. The operation is expensive, but he's much cheaper than Krongrad.

Anyway, let's keep in touch.

At 9:15am on September 9, 2013, Peter Hunt said…

Hi Nacho, its been 3 years since my prostate removal and as far as symptoms the only one I can think of is problems with erections. Of course I am 52 years old and before surgery I was having trouble with erections because of the chronic prostatitis. It is not a big issue for me anymore because I know the benefit of having the surgery far outweighed any possible issues afterwards. I was sick so long because of chronic prostatitis all I wanted was to get better and because of my choice I am better. I am still able to have an orgasm and erections have improved greatly its just intercourse with my wife is not the main source of sexual gratification anymore.

At 7:10pm on June 4, 2014, jim said…
Hello all,

I had LRP late October 2013 and have improved dramatically. It takes time to improve- I was not pain free day one after op but I had a number of problems - Cp, ibs-c and pelvic floor dyssynergia. I am 80% better on all symptoms and about 90% Prostate.

- prostate pain 90% improved, no incontinence but took four weeks (I am early thirties, lean/slim and decent diet so factors that drive a good outcome I think), erections about 50% and improving slowly [no tablets required and pentration possible] ~ still improving
- Pelvic floor dyssynergia - improved alot and physiotherapy (trigger. Point release) helping alot but physiotherapy onlyl help since op. I think prostate problem was irritating nerves and not allowing muscles to relax
- Ibs-c improved but still some intolerance to.diary and wheat main Ones.

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