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So now we see that 50% of Chinese men have prostatitis. What are the rates in other countries?

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I'm pretty sure most of those men don't experience any symptoms. I never heard of this disease until I started to feel the pain and have urinary problems. My GP didn't even know how to treat it properly the first time.

I wonder if similar rates apply to American males?
That's the issue. "Prostatitis" reffers to many conditions, including acute bacterial, chronic bacterial, chronic non-bacterial, and histological not clinical. This is one reason it helps to use the CPSI: at least symptoms can be compared.
Hello everybody,

I am happy to join this greate sosial network. I am 42 years old and my nightmear has last now about 3 months. I have eaten two antibiotic cources with pankillers and alfa blockers. No success so far...

I found a study and it shows that in Finnish male population has about 14% chronic non-bacterial prostitits. The study also tried to found signs af bacteria or viruses in removed (due to prostate cancer) prostates. In this study no trace of bacteria or viruses found.

The link to the study ..

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