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Most patients are diagnosed with prostatitis are based on symptoms
Hardly any are examined using prostate specific examination.
Therefore most likely the diagnosis will be incorrect
it will follow that the treatment will also be incorrect

If this is so
Then it is not fair to say that we have no cure for the wrong diagnosis

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Which treatment is relieving your symptoms? Which symptoms specifically?

Diet change and Myrabetric.  Much of the treatments are similar, except for a heavy reliance on the "IC diet."  But I had no stream before and the myrabetric has given me a normal flow.  Like I said I still have a long way to go and the pain is not gone, pelvic pain syndromes often effect the surrounding tissues and nerves.  A holistic approach is necessary in the eradication of symptoms.  I find my self feeling better and then will go run 8 miles or eat something I know I shouldn't, because I think its over.  I have to remember that I need to take it easy, relax, breathe, and continue the protocals that help me

I would give the diet change a shot and try going gluten free, there is also a great book i am reading by Amy Stein that gives helpful insight on the lifestyle changes necessary to creeate a pain and dysunction free life.

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