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Anyone With Nerve Related Complications due to Prostatitis? Anything that helps?

Would like to find out if there are others out there, who's primary residual symptoms of this condition is neuropathic in nature.


I have been down with this condition for over 7 years now (11 year total history), and though my initial symptoms were all urological (i.e. urgency/frequency, burning ejaculation, burning urine/urethra) in nature, they are mostly under control now, due to long term dietary controls and also alternate treatments that I have done through the years.


The one main symptom that bothers me to this day, is nerve related pain, that runs from my perineum area all the way down to my feet. I have this virtually all the time as a slight increased sensitization/stinging feeling. Mainly notice it when lying down or seated, and not so much when active and walking about.


When I flareup, the sensation turns to a stabbing pain and the pain levels shoot up (specially in my feet).


Tried Lyrica for a while and though it helped a little, the side effects made me stop taking it. 


Would like to hear from anyone who currently has, or had similar symptoms, and any options that have worked for you.


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I honestly beleive your issue with neuropathy may have been a side effect from antibiotics.

HI i am also experiencing pain in arch of my feet after taking Bactrim... I think its the side effect of antibiotic...


I can confirm the nerve pain symptoms that you describe as I experienced them too (from the left side of my perineum all the way to my left ankle (and foot). I experienced this particularly after ejaculation. It was as if congestion in my prostate somehow blocked a nerve going into my leg. I had the pain when seated but also when I would walk. I even had to alter the way I walk every now and then, causing people to make comments to me about whether I had injured my foot, etc. I had a "nerve entrapment study" performed by a neurologist, to no avail. My nerve pain symptoms have fully disappeared immediately following my April 2013 prostate removal surgery with Dr. Krongrad, which confirms to me that my prostate was definitely involved in my nerve pain.

thanks a lot everyone for your responses.

I am not sure about the antibiotic theory in my case, since for one, I have not taken many antibiotics, for any long periods of time, and the only time I took any longterm antibiotics was for about 2 months, and by that time I already had nerve pain to the extent I have it now.


Martin, I find your comment to be very promising.


Good to hear of some one who's nerve pain had recovered from it since surgery. I use to think that mine could also be due to some sort of physical entrapment, or due to congestion in the prostate causing a nerve to be blocked, just like you. But recently I been theorizing that that it could purely be due to long term nerve sensitization, causing the sciatic nerve to be sensitized in addition to my pudendal nerve. Just my theory.


thanks again for the responses.

The nerve pain was one of the most frustrating experiences for me, because I knew it had to do with the prostate, but no urologist would buy into that theory. They said that I was making it up. One suggested that I speak with a psychologist specialized in pain management to learn how to deal with the pain (and to just accept it). Another urologist said I should have myself checked for diabetes. I think this is one of the examples of why prostatitis is so difficult to treat; its symptoms vary widely and cross into different specialist areas.

It seems that many men with prostatitis have leg/foot pain. However, urologists seem to be unaware of this. I've also experienced the doctor refusing to believe there was any connection, with the implication that I was some type of nutcase. Recently I started to take Bactrim for the first time. I've taken many other antibiotics with no serious side effects. I had a bad headache, nausea, rash, and ringing in my ears. When I told this to the doctor he told me it was impossible (!). He's never heard of anyone having side effects from Bactrim. Again, the implication was that I was neurotic. This is what I find the most frustrating thing about this condition. The general belief among doctors is that this is some sort of psychiatric condition and anything you say is considered nonsense.

I had some problems about feet pain too. Asspecially I was feeling my feet cold or burn. Then I started to take lyrica and cymbalta, I think they are benefical on this subject. On the other hand I have continued kegel exercise for two mounths, it has decrased my prostatitis pain and helped to solve feet pain problem. I suggest all of you to try kegel exercises. It is very easy to do whenever or where ever. And it takes only 20 minutes in a day. You can see a lot of information on oyutube or else. Good kuck.

Im going through my 2nd "major" bout of this god forsaken issue and one of my symptoms was burning sensation at the top of my left foot and on my left shin. Related? Idk. I also noticed my muscles in the pelvis (butt, legs, hips) have felt really tired or sore. Weird this go round. Im a super active person 4miles runs a day and lift weights 3x week so idk if im aggravating something.
In any case I feel ur pain. Im hoping this flair goes away soon.
Good luck with yours.
Martin and Shehan. How much have u guys experimented with stretches? Ive read a lot how this could be result of tight pelvic muscles. Thinking there is something to that given the weird sensation of burning in the foot etc... im giving it a go myself..

In my case I have tried streches to some extent, but did not see any significant changes.


I have also gone to quite a few Pelvic Floor specialists during the last 3-4 years (including Tim Sawyer - from Dr.Wise's protocol), and all of them suggested that my Pelvic floor was not in bad shape. I also tried yoga, which included some streaching exercises, and actually that seem to get me more irritated.


However, i have not done continuous streaching exercises on a continuous basis, so  will try that out as well. Thanks for the thoughts Garrison.

L Garrison, my stretches did not help much if anything (I did go to the gym every other day).

Hey Shehan Pingamage,

I am in the exact same situation as you're.

I have this stinging (pulsating) feeling in my left feet that extends to my butt area and genital areas. Im not sure if these areas are also known as the perineum area so I thought I'd be specific, please pardon my language.

When I'm active, I don't notice the feeling at all. But when I'm sitting down or lying down or feeling stressed at all, I'd have this feeling and it gets worse during periods of stress at work.

I'm wondering if you have found some solution that might help ease your symptoms?

Let me know, very interested to correspond.


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