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Has anybody tried bee pollen for prostatitis. if you did .did it work ?
one study compared antibiotics and bee pollen. 35% of men symptoms lessened while on antibiotics and of those
25% were completely cured. 72% of men symptoms lessened while on bee pollen.
I can't find the link to the study I read, but I did find a few other links on bee pollen .
one link study shows a much lower rate with only 42% improving.

The guy at prostatitis org claims it really helped for him and got rid of the golf ball feeling.

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I tried bee pollen,but it was in the first years of  my CP.I   was feeling better,but who knows ,its because of bee pollen or because its just was the beggining of my illness.But now in 4th year with CP,there is no use for me not from bee pollen,not the saw palmeto,not the pumkin seed oil,not the antibiotics,not any other magic recepie.But my thougts on this is that it greatly depends on what sort of infection(pathogenic bacteria)anyone has.Some of us has one bacteria ,it may respond better to homeopatic or whatever treatment,and same of us have few bacterias or fungi,whish may form a biofilm,so I guess those is harder responding to any treatment you give to..



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