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I'm on antibiotics and feel pressure in the perineum that wasn't there just before the antibiotics.

Does any one else notice things like this.

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Luke, Most patients with prostatitis report perineal pressure. Most of them do not have a fungal infection.

Can you please tell us why you're asking about fungi causing prostatitis?
its just a thing that has worried me after i took doxicyline for epidymitis and it got worse and started the prostatitis symptoms and allowed yeast to grow on the scrotum skin.
Now that i have started antibiotics for prostatits i noticed that the pain and pressure feeling has changed to a the feeling of sitting on a golf ball (more pressure feeling)
I don't know what the infection is or if its an infection so im worried that if its not bacterial the antibiotics (trimethoprim) might make it worse.
I'm glad to see that you've thought of fungus, the risk for which rises with chronic use of antibiotics. Clinically meaningful fungal infections are more like, by the way, in patients with immune compromise (e.g. end-stage HIV infection). In any event, fungal infection is still something that would have to be proven, which involves doing specific fungus cultures.

Here is an article about the use of antibiotics and how, based upon experimental evidence, this may be bad. It's not about fungus. FYI.
thanx for your comments.
Hi Luke,

An ironic twist: An antifungal that is actually a cause of prostatitis.


@Blake ... The perineum is the region between the scrotum and anus. The perineum often hurts in men with prostatitis -- "I feel like I'm sitting on a golf ball" -- and/or after prostatectomy.

Blake can you Share ur this petiant story? Im having the same symptom and might be e coli related

Perhaps the link to fungi is not that far fetched. Have you seen this?

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