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This all started with what I thought was an infection. I had severe pain on urination took leviquin and it cleared up.  This was a year ago. I have been to what feels like every urologist under the sun.  I was told by the majority of uros that they believe i have pelvic floor dysfunction. However a urologist at the cleveland clinic did a prostate massage when he was done it took a long while for an result and the burning was so bad it put me on my knees. He said that was normal?



I have had to cystoscopies both dr's said my bladder was mildly vascular one dr. brought up ic but wasn't sure if my symptoms mached he started me on elmiron but I stopped taking after a mont due to side effects.


My major stressor is this constant itch/ burning sensation in my urethra that is definetly worse when siting. I have also started to have bowel symptoms that feel like incomplete evaquation and the uretharal sensation is way worse after a bm. I also have back and hip pain. 


One urologist told me that my bladder holds to much urine to consider IC. I am wondering if anyone on this board has frequnt urination plus constatn penile irritation as a main symptom?


Did anyone who has had an lrp find relief from these symptoms? I'm only 28 almost 29 and I am afraid as one dr. put it that this will be a syndrome I have to learn to live with.



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Thanks for adding this detail. Several different issues:


Do you suppose you're having side effects from the antibiotics, which can include bowel dysfunction and tendonitis? Is it possible that some of your back and/or hip pain is really an orthopedic manifestation of antibiotic side effects?


You are almost surely not a candidate for LRP (what's your CPSI score, by the way?). Be that as it may, if you want information about LRP, you can watch some fo the videos posted on this site, read some of the testimonials on, and/or browse through some of the discussions in this network.


You can also read about various approaches to symptoms relief on the short reviews posted on the right column.



What did the doctor find at the Cleveland Clinic who performed the massage?


Did he get any prostatic fluid out?


If yes, what were the results from the pathology lab? Was bacteria found?


If yes, were sensitivity tests done on the fluid to establish the most effective antibiotic to kill the bacteria?


The people at the Cleveland Clinic have a good record in treating acute/chronic prostatitis (if that's what you have). They are one of the few centres in the world that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of this illness. This is from their website:


"For acute infectious prostatitis, patients need to take antibiotic medicine for 2-4 weeks. Almost all acute infections can be cured with this treatment. For chronic infectious prostatitis, antibiotic therapy is usually 4-12 weeks. About 60% of all cases of chronic infectious prostatitis clear up with this treatment.


Supportive therapies for chronic prostatitis include stool softeners and prostate massage."




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