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does anyone know what nerves you sense genital touch with?

i have a strange problem where after having prostatitis i can't get relief from urinating or ejaculation and extreme inner thigh clenching to feel sexual arousal and maintain erection.

does anyone know what nerves get stimulate when your penis is touched? like when you clench your inner thighs you can generally sense something from your penis right up behind the public bone and it resonate into the navel area? is it the warmth of blood flow? nerves? muscles?


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It could possibly be your pudendal nerve is irritated.
Blake....I have been in physical therapy for 22 weeks. It has absolutely reduced my symptoms. In addition to the PT, I have been utilizing pudendal nerve injections. At this point I've had two and my third is scheduled for 8/20/2013. My pain level is often at 0, with the occasional 2-4.

I tell my therapist that I don't want to jinx myself....but she tells me it's not fate......I agree! I will be doing the last injection regardless of my pain level. I figure I would rather be safe than sorry. The injections are expensive $3k each or $700.00 with good insurance. Thankfully I have good insurance.

At this time I'm very thankful for the groups I have participated in. I'm defiantly on the road to remission. I say remission because I've experienced this horrible ailment before. As stated prior in other a fellow sufferer, we need to take ownership of our pain and help the medical community help us. We have nothing to be ashamed of by sharing our individual story/journey.

Again, thank you all for your help and support.

Warm Regards,
David could you please tell us more about pudendal nerve injections , is it working , you mentioned your pain level is zero that is interesting? and they are suitable for bacterial and abacterial prostatitis

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