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Erectile Disfunction, the only symptom

Since the end of the last year I stopped having complete orgasms and erections.

The sperm comes out but not in large quantities and there is no climax.

I don't have sexual drive anymore or just few, It's like I've lost my sexuality. After few months and some tests it comes out that I had E. Coli infection in semen and urine.

I went under Levofloxacine antibiotic and some prostate supplements for few weeks and then the tests were negative but I still have the symptoms. I've been able to cure my problem for about just 4 days, then everything started as I've done nothing.

I tried to take Levofloxacine again but now it doesn't do completely anything. Also since my tests are now negative my new local doctor can't prescribe me any medication (and it seems like he thinks it's all in my head).

I did blood tests as well but the sugar is ok so there is no diabetes.

I don't have any pain or other issues apart sexual ones.

Just recently I started noticing an increase in the frequency with which I go to the bathroom, but I'm not sure about this.

I work full time and the specialized centers are in another city, so I didn't have much time to book a visit yet.

I think that my prostitis is chronic now since 10 months passed with me having the same symptom.

Anyone with similar experience?

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Bob in labolatory you should use the best antibiotic against your bacteria.

Do Not eat fluoroquinolones - this drug may destroy your body irreversible!

Fluoroquinolones are very dangerous drugs.

You may treat your prostatitis with augmentin, doxycycline, bactrim

4-6 weeks treatment...but your symptoms may back.

Prostatitis is very hard to treat condition.

Hi thank you for your reply.

When the first time I did the test and they resulted positive to E. Coli they did an antibiogram and Levofloxacine resulted the only effective antibiotic against that. But as I said it was unsuccessful. I've been under Levofloxacine for 2 weeks and did the tests again and they resulted negative to E. Coli but I still had the symptoms. I went to an andrologist and he said me that I should have continued the therapy for some other weeks. So he prescribed me Levofloxacine + prostate supplements (saw palmetto, etc.) for other 2 weeks. I've been good for just for 4 days then everything was as before (maybe even worse).

Now I live in another country and my new doctor prescribed me Levofloxacine again after few months but nothing happened and it will not prescribe me antibiotics anymore since my urine tests are negative to any infection.

I didn't had the time to do a spermioculture yet also because this clinic does only urine culture.

But my fear is that now that the prostatitis became chronic they will not find anything anyway and I don't know how to proof that I had this infection.

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