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Hi people

I would be gratefull if some of you could leave you could leave me some feedback on a laparoscopic prostatectomy for prostetitis.

I know this has been discussed before but I would just like some direct answers good and bad effects from having this done.


              Thanks Chris

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Hi Cris,

Im almost 3 weeks ater LRP by Dr.Eden,catheter out 4 days ago.Almost continenet (using  1 pad a day for peace of mind),erections is working,almost no post operative pain left(just a little when I sit).After surgery did not have a lot of pain,was surprised(I guess anestegiologist ,and pain medication after surgery did a good job),second day after surgery I was taking a walks around clinic and enjoying the greenery and fresh air.Catheter for two weeks was also not too bad ,first week more uncomfortable,and on second I get use to it.My energy -stregth is coming back.So far everything looks ok ,how it will be in the future ,will see.

Have no words to express my gratitude to Dr.Eden for the great job he did.Also big Thaks to Dr.Krongrd for this Forum and all forum members for sharing their experience.

Thanks for your reply.

How bad were things before Harvey?

When flare up I had pain in lower back and pelvic area,pain in groin and some other things,and constant tiredness,fatigue.So for me it was bad enough to get the surgery and Im glad I did it.

My symptoms are constant and I have to ejaculate most days to keep the fullness down and that's the thing I find hard to cope with.

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