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Fullness and swollen feeling when drinking fluids


Ive been suffering from chronic prostatitis for 4 years now. 

I have the usual suspects of symptoms under control i.e. burning stinging sensation , pain in urethra . 

I live with the constant golf ball affect feeling up my backside which pain varies from high to moderate depending on the weather

i.e. hot or cold, food I eat , feeling stressed. In the winter I have terrible times struggling to piss out a child like amount of urine ..

I tend to drink nothing but water and the odd glass of pomegranate juice, cranberry juice,

peppermint tea . no caffeine and no alcohol !!!and thats about it. my digestive system is shot to bits, common sense tells me this is the aftermath of 9months solid on cypro!!! I find it extremely hard to get a lot of fluid down me throughout the day this is because as soon as i drink or eat I become swollen and have a savage fullness feeling. chronic heartburn and indigestion  .

does anyone else struggle with fluid intake and fullness / swollen feeling once you drink fluid as well as eat.

I would love to hear some feed back on this an indulge in some common ground with out the feeling of AM I GOING SLIGHTLY MAD!!!


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