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Has anyone had a Greenlight Procedure for BPH??

I had this proc one month ago and have had so many complications and severe pain now due to prostatitis. It was touted as a procedure with virtually no side effects!! Not the case for me. Was hoping to hear from others and their experiences. Thanks

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Did this procedure cause your prostatitis or did it make your prostatitis worse? I have read about many cases on forums where partial prostate surgery has worsened prostatitis, especially TURP.
Hi Rand,

I'm travelling, so for now this just a quick BBERRY answer.

All surgery carries risk. Laser prostatectomy (see also Treatment group for more) is associated with risk of bleeding, infection, retrograde ejaculation, incontinence (last week a prostatitis -- not BPH --patient came in with ongoing pain but new incontinence after laser) . Pain of the sort you describe is unusual not only for laser but all prostatectomies. So really your surgeon is the best person to shed light on your situation.ongoing reports will be welcome.

As a general principle, surgeon experience is a patient's best safeguard against complications (risk can never be fully eliminated).

A related discussion about types of surgery may be found at the following link in the Treatment group.

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