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Hi guys,I need some suggestion regarding this.I have this constant fullness feeling and false erections...its really disgusting like ur always turned on..gets amplified during sitting..i simply don't know what to do to keep that fullness feeling down...any advice is highly appreciated...thank you

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True mate.your are absolutely true.this feeling is disgusting,its actually the bacteria that irritates the prostate gland 

And as a result we get that fullness feeling and false erections.I think if u take finasteride it reduces that feeling.I Tried that it reduces ur sensation.avoid sitting that helps to reduce that feeling. ejaculating only helps for sometime and after that that disgusting feeling is back.

Hey guys im not cure but better im using some chineese her to calm down the infection and inflamation. Maybe you should consider it. I read in another forum its really the only way to treat IC therefore its probably good for prostatitis. I did not see her but reading good stuff on dr call Matia Brizban in LA.
Blake did you ever get trans rectal ultra sound

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