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SEEKING HELP FLYING DOWN to attend the Annual Meeting of the AUA and presenting a poster on Bacterial Prostatitis

I have been suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis for over 3 years now. Mine is a particularly bad, complex case comprising of several bacteria that could kill me any day if spread over to other organs.

Today I am a student at Hood College in Maryland, and may have the option to attend the Annual Meeting of the AUA in Florida this May.

I thought I could prepare a poster outlining my very own data as a case study for the moderated poster session. This data would prove two things: the importance of testing, culturing from semen, as well as the under-diagnosed nature of BACTERIAL prostatitis.

Being a poor student as I am, I would like to ask for anyone's support who can afford to part with 10-20 dollars in order for me to travel there and present my opinion.

The conference is a week long, and I would estimate that I would need between 1000-1500 dollars to attend, including flying there. If anyone is interested in my case or needs more details, please let me know.



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OK, this is still up. THey wont let me present, but I could look for a doctor to treat me with Zosyn (piperacillin-tazobactam).

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