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Family knows you better than anybody. So when Dr. Muff got sick, his little girl said to him: "You don't look right, daddy." She described him as pale and gray. So today, about eight hours after LRP, the wife of one of my patients said: "His eyes are bright."


All I could see was a patient waking up from anesthesia. A tiny bit still groggy, a bit puffy, in a way that anesthesia makes people look, which I can see but they often cannot. My patient felt generally well, with minimal discomfort, had taken some water with no nausea or vomiting, with vital signs stable. He said he was feeling more coherent. But were his eyes brighter? Not that I could see.


So I'd wave this off except for one thing: It's not the first time I've heard stuff like this. As one example, when Gerry woke up, he said he felt that his "mind was clearer than it's been in a long time." And his wife said that Gerry's "color returned immediately," which I could not see.




What do the wives see that I cannot?
What about removing the prostatitis prostate improves cognitive function?

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Before prostatitis hit me I wanted to be a doctor, I was so driven and so enthusiastic about it. I also felt so healthy before I got it because I was eating so well, all fruits and vegetables, and I was taking care of myself. For the last 6 years it was like a constant war.



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