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Hey guys ever since I developed prostatis ive been having hot flashes, heavy sweating
an facial flushing these symptoms seem to wax an wane with my prosttis symptoms. I an wandering if anyone else has dealt with this. I have done many test for the obvious causes of this, all negative.

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Yes I experience this, very annoying. What other tests have you done?

Ive had carcinoid syndrome test, an test for autoimmune dieseases. I have been perscribed alpha blockers they really dont seem to do much. I feel this has some connection with my prostatitis, I went through a good spell wit my prosatitis an the flushing went away during that time. Then prostatitis got going again an so did the flushing. Maybe its stress anxiety, I really dont know but do feel there is some realation to prostatitis for me.

Its very common.   What used to drive me clinically insane was going to my doctor and going "I feel feverish, check my temperature." I could literally be having sweat drop off my face onto the floor and it will read a relatively normal temperature.  This is common from so many men.  I dont know what it is.  I'm also very very prone to chills.  I live in Canada so its cool-cold 70 % of the year.

Have you got treatment for it?  Have you ever had a sperm sample tested for bacteria?

Yes I have tried the drs called it rosacea at first, now backing off that diagnoses I guess cause the way it comes an go an the intensity of the symptoms at times. No I cant get a dr to do a semen test. I think they would find something if one was ever done though, I break in a rash if my semen comes in contact with the tip of penis this waxes an wanes with the good times an the bad.
I had a infection an they were able find it in a urine sample. The drs office never called an told me bout it i found out about 12 months after the fact. A wonderful nurse practioner at a major university clinic was reviewing my records informed about it. She told me the name but I can not remember it, I do remember the she told me that none of the abx that I had been on would have gotten rid of it. She also told me I would of needed to be on a 3rd generation abx to get rid of it but at the time my urine was clear. She wanted to put me on abx for it but the dr wouldnt let her. Does anyone know what a 3rd gen abx is just for curiosity.
Ive had all the labs run many times in the last few years an nothing shows up. When it first happened I assumed it was due to infection I was fighting. Over the years I still experience these symptoms with a fever at times. Ive really kinda give up trying to track my symptoms an keep a record the uros really are not to interested in them an I think obsessing over them really dont help. Just try to go with the flow most of the time.
It,s a very strang dissess , i,m trying not to think about it, but i Can,t because pain lives with you and follow you, why don,t you think to take it out , ? As like i Am thinking am still 26 yrs not married but life must completed but not in that way... If the surgery will beat the pain and ended up , so th surgery is much worth it
It is a complicated diesease. I know several people with it personally. Everyones experience is different to some degree. The most common thing I here is people dont understand why more cannot be done, an why isnt there mpre research begining done. I have a friend his prostatitis acts up onve every yer or so, he takes abx an it clears up. I talked to him about surgery he acted like I was crazy. So im sure his prostatitis doesnt effect him as bad as some us. An I have found symptoms do change over time.
Even with surgery not all docotors promise total relief of the symptoms , in either way if you keep it or take it out the results dissatisfactory , Blake you are 35 yrs old .how long have you had prostatitis? Are you married?
I am planning to get marry but when i think how the life marriage will be with this disses makes me not to think about marriage ?
So am 26 yrs old when i become to your age how my situation would be? I cheaked my prostate 2 month ago no sowellen no calcification size is normal , but pcr test showed ureaplasma and i,ve been taking antibiotics no any benifits , antibiotics made my symptoms worse , so if am now 26 how will i spend my life till 50 who knows :( , so i always considering taking it out



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