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I know exactly how I got it - any advice for me in terms of the treatment?

Hello everyone,


Thank you for allowing me to join this website and thank you very much in advance for any advice you would have to give me.


I am 31 years old and I got prostatitis a few months ago. The urologist didn’t do anything but briefly touch my prostate and told me I had it. I didn’t find him very helpful or friendly. I am going to see him again in a week.


I am 99.9% sure that I got prostatitis through having intercourse with a new partner a few days before. She performed uncovered oral sex on me and probably applied too much pressure on my penis because I remember it hurt during ejaculation. I tried to grab her hand to stop her from pressuring so hard on my penis; but too late. Now on top of this I feel guilty about the whole thing because she was an escort. So I could have avoided the whole thing. I was tested for STDs and it all came back negative.


So I think I know the cause well. The challenge is to find an urologist who is willing to do more in-depth analysis of my case since I may have the bacterial form. Otherwise I am on my own with alternative medicine.


The urologist originally gave me 10 days of ciprofloxacin which made the next three months almost normal (although my testicles were still sore). And then it all came back during a moment of stress. Right now, I haven’t had real pain in like 4 days, which is great. However, I have absolutely no libido. I don’t feel anything.


Again, thanks a lot for your website. I have been doing the broccoli juice for a week already. Now I am gonna start my veggie juices, the probiotics and other supplements that I have seen other people recommend.


If anyone has any advice for me, I would be very happy. 

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Hello Joey, I also like others have experienced symptoms post a sexual encounter. Wether it was oral, vaginal, or anal. It was post sex. I spent allot of time and money believing that it was an infection. All tests proved a negative result.

I had recently been divorced and had feelings of shame. I'm not telling you that this may or may be your situation.....but it is crazy what anxiety can do. Some people grind their teeth, some people tap their feet and shake their leg. I apparently tighten my pelvic muscles and irritate my pudendal nerve.

After a long journey I can see the goal post.

thank you David for sharing your experience. so have you been able to get better?

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