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On my 25th birthday after suffering a water infection I was diagnosed with acute prostatitus, after months of poking the infection with short courses of antibiotics it went chronic, I'm now 27 an have been cycling between Trimithiprim, Doxy and Cipro to keep the infection under control ever since.

All the urologists I've seen have said it should burn its self out in 5-10 years, I don't know what to think as I've seen a lot of guys online who've had this condition for 10 years plus an seen no improvment.

This thing has changed my life in a way I couldn't have begun to comprehend, some of the stories on here are heart breaking as I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone. So I guess the question is, is there hope? Can this condition really go away as spontaneously as it started? Has anyone got a success story? Any small victory will do, just to give me a light at the end of the tunnel to aim for. The problem for me right now is that I'm running out of hope. In the UK it seems your only option is to cycle antibiotics until they stop working, I don't know what other options are available for me under the NHS system and I can't afford private treatment.

Any words of wisdom or guidence would be welcome if nothing else its nice to know I'm not suffering alone. All the best guys, cheers for any feed back.

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what is a water infection you mean a uti ?

of course there's hope.. Your attitude is the biggest part of it. i know its difficult. i was diagnosed at 17 and ive had doctors flat out tell me there was nothing they could do to help me. i never felt so empty. so, since they gave up on me; i gave up on them and refused to poor my money into their pockets for them to tell me they cannot help me. Ive been experimenting with natual treatments such as acupuncture and herbal treatment. ive fortuantely gotten excellent results but im still not cured. my symptoms are basically sensations in my prostate and pelvic region. also experiencing slight fatigue. i never had a healthy diet and ive finally been advised to clean it up. i also believe this too will help. ive recently come across a Naturopathic dr on you tube dr morse.  check him out. he has videos on prostatitis and really put things in perspective for me about it. Bottom line;  There is hope. you just have to figure out a way to heal your problem. Its a process. I am determined to heal mine. Are you? good luck. any questions just inbox me. 

Hi Joe, this is a very difficult condition to get rid of and people have sometimes taken pretty drastic measures. I'm not sure if I would recommend those drastic measures themselves but I'd definitely recommend you try Super Beta Prostate which is a natural prostate supplement containing beta-sitosterol primarily but also other plant sterols and minerals. It think it will help the medication take effect better. I'm so sorry and hope you do find more hope.

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