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I have had prostatititis for over 9 years. I have seen many physicians and have tried many different treatments to include pudendal nerve entrapment surgery. Nothing has worked for me.

I am contemplating having Dr. Krongrad perform the laparoscopic surgery to remove my prostate. For those of you who have had the surgery what finally made you decide to have it done considering the possible complications following the surgery?

Thanks for your replys.

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Hi Max,

Well, the choose at least in my case was clear, after 3 years of suffering a very painfull Prostatitis, lost a very good job (im journalist), getting separated, lost the possibility to ride my bike (i was a semi-professional mountain biker) and getting and getting worse in spite of the treatments and the thousand of pills that i was taking and the big money that i was spending; even worse, at the point that i cannot sit for more than a year (only for short periods of times with some kind of uncomfortable donut) and the only way to manage it was taking a potent painkiller (Tramal 200 mg twice a day)..... i realize that with 33 years old, my life was losing more than quality, SENSE!!

Then thanks to this forum, and the advice of the doctors and the people here, i made a choice, the only one that lefts me, get the surgery... today 5 weeks after the operation i dont regret at all my decision, because im really enjoying this magical feeling that means live without pain and sitting again!! :)

Of course, let me give you a hand to analyze the risks or consecuences:

-Get Esterile, well if you still dont have childs, then freeze your sperm.
-Get Impotent, the LRP for prostatitis preserves the nerves and muscles that control the erections, then if you actually doesnt have any trouble, surelly you dont gonna get it in the future, and your sexual activity depending on your age will return back to the norm in a couple of months.
-Get Incontinent, after the operation is normal experience a leak, for the catheter that you have to wear for some days, but doing daily the exercises that the doctors prescribe, the urinary control will gradually improve; even in the worst case, i mean a remarkable incontinence, the doctor Eden told me that is reparable.

The rest of complications are the same for any single surgery, pain, some bleeding, small scars, parcial inmobilization and all this stuff concerning to be some days in a hospital, and a few weeks of discomfort during the recovering process; maybe a few disgusting but in my opinion, a really small price for a new better life.

I hope help you in some way.

Best regards and good energy, German.

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