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LRP Success Rates and resolution of pain and bowel symptoms

I am 31 years old and have had prostatitis for 12 years. My symptoms started with a golf ball feeling in my rectum, pain below belly button and then after a year started with bowel problems including constaption and wind. I also have the standard prostatitis symptoms worsing pain after sex, urinay problems, white blood cells in urine. I am not sure if my prostatitis caused my bowel problems or vice versa.

I am considering LRP and wondered if anyone else has had this surgery with the same symptoms and what their outcome was - i.e. did their prostate and bowel symptoms resolve?

Any feedback would be appreciated

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If they see wbc you have infection.
Have u been diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis?
I have wbc but no infection could be found. I have been diagnosed with chronic abacterial prostatitis.
How stupid is your uro... Go see a specialist high wbc should not be in urine. Sorry your foing threw this.

I am 36 and i have had prostatitis for 20 years. My prostatitis caused my bowel problems  and i also conssidering LRP. 

@Blake my Uro told me that prostatitis can cause bowel problems (he has more patients with same problems) and i have not been taking too much antibiotics, actually only three times. Because  they do not help, my Uro won't write them to me anymore. And yes i have done stool tests, but they all came clear. 

For me the LRP seems to be the only possible cure, which will come with a huge risk. My Uro told, that he can not cure me, because they do not have solution for this. He can only try to stabilize it. 

(sorry my bad English)

I feel prostatitis has caused me bowel problems. Before prostatitis i had no problems with my bowels now i have cramping, boating an constipation.
Thanks for the responses. Anyone with Prostatitis and bowel problems that have not resolved or resolved after LRP? I going ahead with LRP and will let you all know how I get on

Jim,  do you have any children? 

Ra I do not have any children as I need to sort my health first to ensure I will be well placed to look after children. The-y can freeze sperm. I feel my bowel problems were caused by Prostatitis - what bowel symptoms do you have?
I have a bloating gas and a diarrhea. Have you allready found a surgeon or spoken wiht a surgeon about the LRP? I live in Estonia and they do not do the LRP for prostatitis here, so i have to save money and go to England.
I found a surgeon in UK and the operation costs about 12,000. Do you have abdomen pains also? I have constipation, gas and pains

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