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LRP Success Rates and resolution of pain and bowel symptoms

I am 31 years old and have had prostatitis for 12 years. My symptoms started with a golf ball feeling in my rectum, pain below belly button and then after a year started with bowel problems including constaption and wind. I also have the standard prostatitis symptoms worsing pain after sex, urinay problems, white blood cells in urine. I am not sure if my prostatitis caused my bowel problems or vice versa.

I am considering LRP and wondered if anyone else has had this surgery with the same symptoms and what their outcome was - i.e. did their prostate and bowel symptoms resolve?

Any feedback would be appreciated

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Hi Jim, 

My name Is John and I am from London.

I came across your comment about having LRP. I have had the golf ball affect CPT for 5 years .

I would love to talk to you about surgery - however I also know this me may be something you  may not wish to relive.

My email is

I truly admire your courage.

Hope to hear from you soon


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