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Hello everyone.. I am a fellow prostatitis sufferer living in Canada. My conditions seems to be a little different than most peoples... I started having the symptoms about 9 months ago. It started as a sharp pain in my pelvic region for which I saw the doctor, he prescribed antibiotics and some pain killers... The pain continued and I saw another doctor who did some urine tests and found nothing.. I finally saw a Urologist who did a cystoscopy which found showed no abnormalities... He checked my stream of urine and it was low and based on this he concluded I had prostatitis. He precribed cipro 3 weeks and than 4 weeks after that. My symptoms after this subsided for about a month than came back with pain in the testicles for which I went back to him... he has presribed cipro 4 weeks again.. But I am not taking it... I am going to see a different urologist now to see what he says,... I have never had any fevers or chills from my prostatitis, which leads me to think its not bacterial however the antibiotics Ive taken have seem to help, especially the Azithromyacin which I took for the testicle pain, and the doxycycline to a lesser extent helped with th pain aswell.

My question is:
What is the cost of Dr. Bahn's treatment in Cali? (the 3-4 sessions everything included)
And does his treatment really work? I am going to consider it if this next urologist cant do anything for me either...

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  • i would stop taking linezolid..long term use causes permanent neuropathy. it is possible that the reduction in symptoms was cause by anti inflammmatory porperties of the medication and not necessarily eradication of the bacteria. This is why i tell you to try to take ibuprofen before you go to bed and see if it makes a difference. It is my belief chronic prostatitis can be caused by autoimmune reaction against tissue in the prostate and you will not find a vaccine for that. 
  • Is your urine clear or cloudy? do you still have leukocytes in your urine?
Urine was clear most of the time no leukocytes , around 2 weeks ago i started to find a difficult urine and i did analysis for urine it shows a blood and the bladder was partly distended but the culture does not shows any bacteria, urine culture never show any bacteria every time , but semen always high puss cells and recently also does not show any bacteria., but i know in my situation that is bacteria because i had unprotected relation once in my life and the other part had an infections , do you think that a good labs has more equipment to find the bacteria , i mean as I know the use agar to find it , maybe a large labs has other method to isolate and find the bacteria
And high pus cells always indicates infection right?

yes white blood cells indicate the present of a foreign organism. The key to getting an accurate result is to have a good sample that is not contaminated. The problem is when you get a sample of the prostatic fluid it has to come out through the urethra so whatever organisms are at the tip of your penis will contaminate the sample. This is why i dont think you have S aureus or Epidermis...these 2 dont grow in the urinary tract unless you had a catheder placed in your urethra from a hospital stay. If you are at higher risk of STD then its possible that you have chlamydia in there which is difficult to grow on media. You need special skills and growth media to grow that type of bacteria.

What is the normal number of pus cells in my semen 15-18 HPF I testd for chlamydia the doctor put something in urethra with coton and the result was negative , actually none of docotors i visit took sample of the prostatic fluid , only semen and urine and no s.aureus can be found in urine tract google it , a question why these vaccines are not prepared in U.S if they work , like novik story , why only in Europe , Odessa and Poland and chez .reubpulic , do you think i should truth them , like Odessa lab
When i mentioned to him about DNA he responds ( I was shoked when somebody
proposed to include DNA parts into vaccine. It is very serious, it is
your life, therefore do not give this to any) and he also mentioned (As for my vision first your step it isnecessary to normalize
for your immune system and increase immune protection which will make
to disappere symptoms) IS HE TeLLING THE TRUTH ?

Sam -

I know where you're coming from, I understand the problem but in spite of your frustration, please respect others reading this thread - you're adding unnecessary rubbish posts - whatever comes to your mind...

I had provided enough information about autoimmune vaccines earlier - read it twice and follow provided URLs to read more. Prices vary, you can make this vaccine in Prague (Czech Republic) for about 120 EUR; similar price in Krakow, Poland. Technology is the same, and both locations are EU Regulated, within European Union. They also publish statistical data regarding effectiveness of such autoimmune vaccines - example (use Google Chrome browser to translate easily): 

I'd suggest to talk to an immunologist instead of forum folks. Your tests should be repeated some time after antibiotics (at least 3 weeks after). You should also carry out PCR DNA tests apart from cultures. PCR DNA uro-genital panel: Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, etc - smear test from urethra, 1st morning urine, and ejaculate. Blood markers for chlamydia tr. and borrelia may be useful (ELISA IgA, IgG), and Western Blot.

S aureus is not found in the Urinary tract unless you have a blood infection with this bacteria or you had a catheter in your urethra so it is very unlikey you are infected with this bacteria.

Bacterial vaccines are used in all countries ..such as pneumoccocal vaccine. They just have not been using vaccines in the west against urinary tract infections ...why not? im not sure but i suspect the market is not big enough and the big pharmaceuticals have no interest to pursue this avenue. DNA is not used for bacterial vaccines...they use part of the polyshaccaride coating which envelopes the bacterial. DNA/RNA is for virus vaccines.

I dont see how the doctor can normalize your immune system ..its not like you are severely ill and cant fight off infections.

As far as the credibility of the labs is concerned, i tried to do some research but i couldnt find any patient stories attesting to their success from using those labs. Novak is the only one i could find. This is why im not eager to spend 5000 without a definite track record.

  • Novik the most important question are you still well after the vaccine

  • i mean the symptoms of prostatitis are still? or you feeling better and as you experience which Lab do you suggest the most ?

in the odessa lab they require 4500 Euro for everything diagnostic and vaccines ?

Sam - I have 10% of initial symptoms sporadically, however, as I described in my post regarding vaccines, I got rid of most symptoms almost immediately when I started using vaccine for my enterococcus (3rd dose out of 10 brought me a massive relief). My semen samples had Enterococcus faecalis bacteria (10^3 - 10^4 growth depending on the lab) and are sterile now in these 2 independent labs.

Again,  I don't want to duplicate my posts - similarly, I don't want to recommend any lab, I listed labs that I know... 

If you no longer have a bacteria in several good labs, then autoimmune vaccine is not a solution for you (regardless of your experience with antibiotic-driven relief - antibiotics have anti inflammatory properties).

I am unsubscribing myself from email notifications, I cannot dedicate more time to this 'discussion' with you Sam. 

Good luck

Razvan 2 days ago did semen test pus cells 15-18 hbf and no significant growth , the dodctor told that the bacteria was showed before killed and now you have non bacterial prostatitis , which means no pathogens isolated anymore and you have to live with your symptoms , but pus cells always indicates that there is an infection and the doctor told that from chronic bacterial prostatitis which has been two long in the prostate will cause a little damage to the tissues ?

go to my page and lets continue the discussion there so that we dont bother other people here. I have opened my own discussion thread

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