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Hello everyone.. I am a fellow prostatitis sufferer living in Canada. My conditions seems to be a little different than most peoples... I started having the symptoms about 9 months ago. It started as a sharp pain in my pelvic region for which I saw the doctor, he prescribed antibiotics and some pain killers... The pain continued and I saw another doctor who did some urine tests and found nothing.. I finally saw a Urologist who did a cystoscopy which found showed no abnormalities... He checked my stream of urine and it was low and based on this he concluded I had prostatitis. He precribed cipro 3 weeks and than 4 weeks after that. My symptoms after this subsided for about a month than came back with pain in the testicles for which I went back to him... he has presribed cipro 4 weeks again.. But I am not taking it... I am going to see a different urologist now to see what he says,... I have never had any fevers or chills from my prostatitis, which leads me to think its not bacterial however the antibiotics Ive taken have seem to help, especially the Azithromyacin which I took for the testicle pain, and the doxycycline to a lesser extent helped with th pain aswell.

My question is:
What is the cost of Dr. Bahn's treatment in Cali? (the 3-4 sessions everything included)
And does his treatment really work? I am going to consider it if this next urologist cant do anything for me either...

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i am replying to Novik's comment, sorry for the confusion

Hi razvan, all

I realize it is not FDA approved (similarly to bacteriophages), however, we are permitted to use it in Europe (both: autovaccines / immunomodulators and bacteriophages).  The EU Commission even funds related studies (e.g. in Poland, Wroclaw) and allows to treat patients.

In Germany, Switzerland, France - the uro-genital therapeutical and preventative vaccines are being manufactured for many years, e.g. StroVac.

The most common drugs of this type are branded under Uro-vaxom and StroVac names in EU. Both preparations are recommended for patients with recurrent uncomplicated UTIs. Uro-vaxom is an orally administered bacterial extract consisting of immunostimulating components derived fom 18 uropathogenic E. coli strains. 

Strovac is a whole cell bacterial extract derived from uropathogenic E. coli strains, P. mirabilis, M.morganii, K. pneumoniae and Enterococcus faecalis. The preparation is administered intramuscularly therapeutically as well as for prevention of recurrent UTI.

StroVac costs 110 EUR in German pharmacies (therapy consists of 3 injections of 0.5 ml each). 

Other product (with different bacteria extract) are:

GS Imunostim

I have provided some links to prostatitis related studies in my previous posts in this thread - so feel free to read more about that. As for US availability, I'd talk to an immunologist to find out. I have not heard of any 'dear doctor letters' or 'black box warnings' related to the products mentioned above.

All the best,


dear Paul

actually I'm so interested  with autoimmune vaccine with bacteriophages i,ve been in prostatitis 2 years bacterial prostatitis , the Bactria is staph arures i took too many antibiotics cipro for 25 days , levo for 15 days , septra for 2 month then get resistance and augmentine , Amikacin , tazbictam and Linezolid , Linezolid works Great  the pain is totally gone in all pelvic I used it for 20 days , the doctor don't let me used it more because it is a strong antibiotic and can hurt kidneys , but was a magic antibiotic for me , recntally i'm doing culture but does not show any bacteria , but still the symptoms burning هin Perineum area , urine alot at night during sleep can't set too long because pain will increase ,  so would give me please how would arrange with these laboratories , could they make me a vaccine for staph arues ?

and the vaccines which is available in pharmacy like uro-vaccine for e.coli work the same vaccince which you took it for yourself and you improved or you totally cured as i had read about your experience?




Please guys anyone please would answer me


Sam keep in mind that these laboratories charge alot of money for these custom vaccines and you dont know what the side effects can be from injecting a novel vaccine. When i vaccine is constructed they take the DNA of the bacteria and cut it into small pieces. Some of these pieces will go into your vaccine . What you dont know is how closely those pieces related to the DNA of your own makeup. If it is too similar it could cause a cross immunization leading to your immune system attacking your own cells. As you can see the risk is high which is why i urge you to consider carefully before deciding to go ahead.

Does it make big change i mean will cure me permentally , and the vaccine will work ?
And because novik mentioned that he,s cured

In theory it should work but i havent found any other stories besides Novak in regards to treatment success so i am skeptical. I am not just going to give someone $5000 and inject myself with something that is not been tested in clinical trials before. If you want to try the vaccine then try the Strovac or similar product which at least has been in the market for a few years.

 I also had trouble sleeping for many years until i found temporary solutions. Here is what i suggest you do to control your flare ups.

Solution 1 : Stop drinking anything with caffeine (tea, coffee, soda) or alcohol, vinegar or anything with artificial sweetener especially in the evening. Before you go to bed take 1 gel capsule (200mg) of Ibuprofen . This should help you sleep however do not do this for more than 5-6 months since youll get stomach problems from the ibuprofen.

Solution 2: take some saw palmetto 2 times per day until you get relief. It should take 3-7 days before you feel a difference. Again do not take this for more than 3 months as you will start having sexual dysfunction

The evidence that novak has cured that he,s not entering the forum anymore !! Actually im so depressed , i don,t know if i will go with this treatment i,m emailing the lab in Odessa arranging a visit to there , the problem with strovac is for e.coli which is not my Bactria , the bacteria is staph areues , and i haven,t heard that someone used strovac and get improved
Am asking my self why this custome vaccine not prepare in Germany or France more delvloped countries , france is the first in Laboratory tests , ?

theres other vaccines besides strovac , look around maybe you find one that does have s. aureus in it. It is unusual to have this bacteria in the urinary tract but anything is possible. Could be that whoever took your sample contaminated it because S. Aureus is usually on the outside skin. I am sure there are many labs in France and Germany that can do your custom vaccine...but it will cost you way more than $5000.

In any case if you do decide to go that route come back here and document your result. Make a chart with days from vaccine and change in symtomps including pain, frequency of urination, number of urinations at night, and burning on urination.

Regarding to the bacteria i got different type of bacteria in different lab here staph areues and the other lab shows staph epidermidis. I took two many kind of antibiotic cipro, levo, septra DS, Amikacin and linezolid , Linezolid was super my symptoms are totally disappeared Linezolid is strong antibiotic against gram postive bacteria like staph, after that i went to Germany to the urologist there the tests there urine and semen does not show any bacteria after culture , only high pus cells in semen then the doctor diagnosed me with CPPS , then I went home i retake Linezolid again my symptoms disappeared so I still believe that bacteria still exists even if not show any bacteria in the culture because am improving with antibiotic , why the bacteria can not be detected anymore ? Am afraid if i went there for the vaccine and I pay money they can,t find pathogens,
if the symptoms exists which means the bacteria is exisist

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