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I have chronic prostatitis and regretfully had a Turp done around six weeks ago and the pain is even worse than before.
I used to take the 5mg of hydrocodone and it would at least take the edge off but now the pain is too severe.
I plan to have my prostate removed in a couple of months but in the mean time does anybody have advice what to take that will take the pain away.
This proststitis pain may top child birth and a broken fibula at the same time.

Thank You,

Steve Winter

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A good pain killer for prostatitis is tramadol, when i am in strong pain I took 1 pill of 50mg every 4h....but it should be quite similar with hydrocodone.
Paracetamol, ibuprofen, coxib, diclofenac don't work.
I hope it could help.
I think hydrocodone will actually make your condition worse. After I had some unrelated surgery, I took that for a few days, and by the 3th day my prostatitis was getting worse and worse... I stopped taking them and about a week later my symptoms started to improve dramatically. I would try to stay off them for a couple of weeks and see if your condition improves.

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