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What the pros and cons of removing prostate?

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There are many articles written on the subject but the best person to ask would be your urologist. Prostate removal is only a last resort really because of how important the prostate is for intimacy. Reading some super beta prostate supplement reviews might help you see how other men take care of their prostates and alternative procedures to removal.

Have you try super beta prostate?
I posted a question to Dr Krongrad relating to published articles. It seems to have got lost in the ether somewhere. One of the focuses for this site was prostate removal as a treatment and proper research done on it's efficacy. An initial, small scale study was published, and is available on this site. However, it was supposed to be followed up with a larger study. I don't know what stage this is at. It's important for patients to be able to make an informed choice based on reliable research data. Doctor, what's the present situation regards the research project?

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