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A chronic prostatitis patient recently informed me that he had right groin, chest, and armpit pain when his prostatitis flared up. After having his prostae removed, he reports that all of these pains are gone. Why would the prostate affect the armpit? Nobody knows, yet prostatitis pain is often manifested in many kinds of pains. Many of these are not captured by the CPSI.

Which kind of strange symptoms have you had that you think are due to prostatitis?
Which kind of strange symptoms have you heard of others having that are due to prostatitis?

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I too have arm pit pain.  I think it's swollen lymph nodes.  I get them in my neck too.  They started with the prostatitis and will be gone for months and then come back every day for months.  No Dr. I've ever talked to has admitted that they could be related.  The last urologist I saw recommended I see an infectious disease Dr. because of it.  

My strange symptoms always come together and include a feeling of hot skin yet a cold chilled body, swollen neck glands, swollen/painful armpit feeling. I refuse to believe it's a coincidence that they started at the same time.  

Have a look also at His Eyes Are Bright and this video. Your symptoms remind me of his.

So I would assume you think that these symptoms are all related somehow to the prostate?  I know that prostatitis is much more complex than most think.  I've been hesitant to pursue an infectious diseases referral because I am pretty much burned out on doctors throwing their hands in the air and referring me on to another specialist.  I did that for most of 2008 when this started and unfortunately after 2 years of relative normalness, despite the bladder pain and strange symptoms, I'm back at it again.  I got sucked into researching this condition to death when I got it, burned out and didn't read about prostatitis again for 2 years.  It helped me immensely to move on mentally but now I find myself sucked back in looking for answers.  

The arm pit, throat swelling, and chills though are the things that have confounded the most doctors so I was somewhat pleased to find that I'm not crazy and that it's possible that these other symptoms aren't manifestations of anxiety or something like that.  


The LRP results seem promising and though I would give almost anything to be cured I am only thirty and feel like sometime in my lifetime there will be breakthroughs that would allow me to keep my prostate. I realize that it's an individual decision though so thanks for setting up this website and the work you're doing. 

You're (probably) not crazy. :-O


The related symptoms can completely resolve once the prostate comes out. Why? I have no idea, but it's what patients like Gerry report.

I get the discharge that u are talking about. My STD test come back negative also. I have it though out the day sometimes,after bowel movements sometimes, after a hot sitz bath and after setting or riding in a car for a long time. Abx seem to help, but shortly after finishing abx it comes back. I have noticed the  "milk-white" liquid a few times when have felt some twitching prostate pain.

I have had very itchy scalp behind my ears on both sides during flare ups and also constant mild burning sensation in my rectal area and  in my urethra occurring for 1 to 2 days few hours after ejaculation.

Arnon Krongrad, MD said:

Yep. The first patient who reported leg pains was Merlin. I hear that one a lot.


Can you recall what the foot pain the patient you operated on had, before he underwent LRP? i.e. was it burning pain? stabbing pain? Also did this patient get the leg pain only when flaring up, or was it constantly present?

I have some very weird symptoms as well, including the ones in my feet (soles). Most of the time I have a strange stinging type of sensation in the soles of my feet. When I am flaring up, it actually turns into more a stabbing sensation and pain level shoots up. Its pronounced when I am either lying down or sitting. Not so prominent when I am active and walking about
At my worst (probably a few years back ) , I even had tingling/stinging sensations in my palms also. 

Shehan, I don't remember the patient mentioning burning sensation. I do remember a few patients mentioning foot pain that correlated with other pains from their prostatitis. It's not that uncommon, apparently.

I see. Thanks Dr.Krongrad!

Arnon Krongrad, MD said:

Shehan, I don't remember the patient mentioning burning sensation. I do remember a few patients mentioning foot pain that correlated with other pains from their prostatitis. It's not that uncommon, apparently.



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