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Starting making my own suppositories recently and have gotten a lot relief from using them. I believe it's a better way of introducing supplements into your body. If your interested in doing it yourself, private message me on here.

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Guess nobody cares......
Nd what exactly are those supplements rich?

don't be coy Rich,

if this is genuine an not a money making scam of the backs of sufferers then just put it out there!!!

explain what they consist of and what symptoms they relieve for you and let the people decide for them selfs..

cloak and dagger route aint the road to go down especially when we are all in the dark here with our suffering as it is.

Kind regards



Well said John
This isn't a money making scam. I just want to help people who are going through the same thing as me. I'll post my recipe in a few I just have to pull it off an email
Here's to better days
Alright here's my recipe for the suppositories that I've made for myself and have a lot of success with.
1.Choose what you are going to use as a base either Coconut oil (easy to find) or cocoa butter (I had to order online)
2.Get your ingredients together
(most of these can be found at your local vitamin store)
Beta-sitosterol (most important ingredient)
Saw Palmetto
Pomegranate Extract (must be the kind with Ellagic Acid)
Licorice (DGL) should say Glycyrrhizin
Cranberry softgels
So basically I took about 8 Oz of coconut oil in a small Tupperware container.
Make sure it's liquid before you start adding ingredients.
Then I cut up / broke apart
10 Beta-sitosterol pills
10 saw Palmetto pills
5 Pomegranate extract pills
5 Licorice pills
5 cranberry softgels
Added all these to my coconut oil base and mixed it very well
Put it in the freezer for 20 minutes then left it in the refrigerator after that.
I cut off a suppository size piece every night before bed.
So what I do have to warn you is that this makes a mess and in the morning you'll be very gassy but its very worth the benefits of what it does. Let me know if it helps, I'm very interested to see how it works for you. Best regards Rich
Hey rich
This sort of coco jumbo cocktail is bound to give you diarrhoea ...and lot of side effects. .don't just gulp anything out of your new experimental recipe. .so be careful. .this sort of combination will affect ur kidneys and liver...they all have side effects. .If ur taking saw palmetto take one a day...dont mix all is helping u I can understand. ..but it will also have side effects which ur body is bearing in silent mode dude...
I've had all my blood work done while using these supplements, my kidneys and liver are fine. So I guess I'm trying to say don't criticize something that you haven't tried. I'm not saying to use it forever either use it for a week, it's so much better than being in constant pain for three years spending thousands of dollars on injections that gave me no relief

Just to mention I have been treated by COLLARGOL suppositories with a VERY CONSEQUENT RELIEF of the pain and infection . I was suffering from prostatitis since 10 years and tried numerous treatments - antibiotics (Ofloxacin, Ciprofoxacin, Bactrim, Norfloxacin, Doxyciclin...), herbs infusions, AINS, cranberries and whatever. I swallowed drugs during months and years with severe side effects on liver and pancreas : ONLY theses suppositories do work . Made from colloidal silver at a dosage of 150 mg , twice a day.

Two days of treatment is enough to me.

Hope this could help.

Where do we get colloidal silver my friend??? Can u share me ur idea mate???

Rich, Ive googled collargol but got nothing.

could you share some more knowledge as to what these are and where they are purchased from,

also be keen to know if anyone else has used or heard of these? 

John I'm not the one who mentioned colloidal, but I'm also curious about it

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