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I have had chronic pelvic pain/chronic prostatitis for several years. My symptoms include: sharp/burning pain in the scrotum/perineum (really makes sitting a challenge), difficulty starting and keeping urination flow, and fatigue.

I also have the following symptom: Let's say I ejaculate on Sunday evening. The closer I get to 48 hours from that ejaculation the more severe is the pain in my scrotum and I experience more frequent urination. The longer I wait to ejaculate the higher the pain becomes and the more frequent is the urination. The pain is almost unbearable. Once I ejaculate the pain instantly drops to about a one or two and the frequent urination stops.

When this sympom first started the pain and frequent urination would increase after about six days. Unforunately, over time it has become every 48 hours.

Any one else experience this symptom? Any thoughts?


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Hi Max,

Three quick questions:

1) This "sharp burning" you have in your scrotum/perineum, do you also have it when you urinate? Doesn't have to be all the time, just sometimes.

2) Have you ever had your prostate massaged for any prostatic secretions, or EPS as it's more commonly known?

3) I know you've had lots of pain relief medications, but have you ever had a course of antibiotics?

Welcome to the forum by the way.

Thanks for your quick response.

I do not have the sharp/burning pain when I urinate.

I have had my prostate massaged by a urologist for EPS. He did not find any thing abnormal.

I had a course of antibiotics when this condition first began.

Thanks again for your reply.

Did the urologists secret any fluid from your prostate during the massage? Did you see any drops appear from the tip of your penis? Were they properly collected on a slide and taken away for analysis? What were the results?

And if the results were negative, why were you given antibiotics?

I was given antibiotics prior to the EPS. This all started with a urinary tract infection.

As far as I can recall the answer to all your questions regarding the prostate fluid is "yes".

Thanks again
if this all started after a urinary infection, you can almost be sure there is something festering inside your prostate... trouble is, it can hide deep inside the gland. Sometimes testing reveals nothing.

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