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I have been taking heavy probotics for the past few months. Dr ohhiras probiotic and threelac. I have noticed huge improvements. I wonder if yeast and fungus play a major role in this illness? I also wonder if by making my body healthier with probiotics, I am reducing my symptoms. Who knows. If anyone else tries these two probiotics please post. not all probiotics are the same. The two i mentioned are the best around from what I have been reading..


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How long have you been taking them? I would definably try it if your improvement continues.

What is your pain level?
I heard threelac does work well if yeast is the problem but i thought if you are taking it you dont need a probiotic.
I think threelac is a probiotic. Threelac works by sending good bacteria to the intestines. The good bacteria eat the yeast.

I have actually noticed better results with Dr ohhiras probiotic. Dr ohhiras probiotic works more on remodeling the gut. Most of my symptoms are urinary and general prostate discomfort. These two products def help. I would try the Dr ohhiras probiotic frst. It is cheaper and might be better.
Hey mike how are you doing these days,, still taking the probiotics?
Hey Christos,
yea still taking the Dr ohhiras probotic. I really think it is a great product. The threelac is a bit to harsh. You should give the Dr ohhiras a try. Its like 25 bucks on amazon. If anything your body will feel better on the stuff. Hopefully the good makes it way to the prostate.


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