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I was wondering tests should be performed before the surgery ? Is CT scan or ultrasound beneficial?

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CT and ultrasound have possible value in the evaluation of symptoms, e.g. abdominal pain, in the stages before a treatment decision is made. CT and ultrasound have no value in planning surgery. Other tests are required, e.g. blood chemistry.

Wouldn't CT detect anatomical abnormalities that could complicate surgery?
Another question is patients are advised to stop taking blood thinners, but why is heparin given to patients undergoing surgery?

CT is essentially useless. It changes nothing in the technical approach.

Blood thinners, e.g. Coumadin, are usually dosed at a therapeutic level that would risk a lot of bleeding at surgery. The heparin used at surgery is controlled, low dose, and easily reversible if needed. It's a matter of dosing and control.
Are sutures done during the surgery absorbable? If not, is there a need or a benefit to remove them eventually after surgery?
Yes. They are absorbable.



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