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I was recently diagnosed with prostatitis and I was given a 3 week dosage (2X daily) of Bacterim. The doctor ran tests for various STDS (although I don't think they can detect trich well in males) and all came up clear. I am not sure if the prostatitis is bacterial. But the antibiotic seems to be working well.


My story is as follows... Over the last few months  I have undergone a lot of stress. I wrote the law school entrance exam and my girlfriend moved away to another city, so we are doing a long distance relationship. This put me under a tremendous amount of stress. During this whole process I was still working a desk job and when I went home at night I would study for a few hours, so needless to say I was doing a lot of sitting. I would do daily exercises at home. They are quite strenuous. A lot of jogging on the spot, push ups, and floor runs (running back and forth on the floor with your legs). The workout routine I was doing at home is called Insanity (in case anyone knows what this is). Would this strenuous workout routine be the cause of my problems? I have been doing it for a year so how is it possible that this would arise now?


Also I should note that my prostatitis arose because I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks back with a strange pressure in my penis when I had an erection. I tried to ejaculate that day and it was rather uncomfortable. The more aroused I got the more painful it was. It has since become better and I can now ejaculate. My symptoms are quite mild, some abdominal pain, some strange uncomfortable/heavy feelings in my groin and penis and then lower back pain.


Could my beloved exercise routines be the cause of my prostatitis? Or was it stress?


I am quite a healthy person. Not much sugar in my diet, only a single coffee in the mornings. Drink alcohol occassionally. Any insight would be appreciated becaues I have little faith in antibiotics.


Thank you!

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Problem is, most of us don't know what triggered it.  In fact, most of us don't know what "it" actually is.   There seem to be certain risk factors such as occupations with lots of sitting, but it is not clear by any means. And I think certain personality types are more at risk (maybe more anxious - hence more contracted muscles perhaps) Some people believe that STDs or other naturally occurring bacteria may be to blame, but again it is not for certain, as it may be some of these were only detected because the CPPS started and may have been there longer. On the other hand, they might be the cause.  Some people believe urine reflux into the prostate may be responsible and have suggested that intense physical workouts may sometimes cause that.  

If this is your first episode and it is responding to the abx, then you may want to hit it hard now. Some people believe that part of the problem is that the courses of abx are too short, thus failing to eliminate it and leaving it resistant. Some people say 6-8 weeks is more appropriate than what many doctors will prescribe. But remember, abx can have side effects. 

Good luck.



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