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hello my name is mohamed. i would like to get some feeedback from DR Kongrad and other members.

i was diagnosed with prostatitis at the age of 34. i am now 40. my symptoms wax and wane but i am at a point where i am seriously considering the LRP surgery. the only problem i have is that i am not sure if i have ic or prostatitis. at first i was given 3 month of cirpro that helped but then symptoms returned. perinial pain (not too bad) no bladder pain, a constant vague urge to viod loacted at the left tip of the penis(most annoying sensation does not go away). i void 4 times a day and 2 times at night . urologist did a hydrodistention of the bladder and a urethral dialation due to a small stricture. bladder was distended to 850 cc and the doctor saw petechie. all my symptom were gone for 6 month after which they returned. uro said he is not sure whether i have ic or not. we tried elmiron, elavil, valium no luck. he then did the distention again and this time he distened to 950 cc and he said the bladder look ok but my symptom did not improve. i have seen over 15 urologist including the mayo clinic and they all say it is the prostate (they are all nice urologist and they seem to care). whenever a dre is done i feel alot of pain and burning at the tip of the penis which makes me think it is really the prostate. i had a tuip done and that heleped somewhat.

but i can keep thinking on why i had symptom resolution on bladder distention/ uretharl dialation.

please help me on my questions. i really need help before i commit to the surgery. beased on your experience

does this sound like ic or prostatitis.


i have two beautiful daughters and this disease has robbed me of quality time i could spend with my family.



 want to mention that sometimes i can eat anything no flare ups for months and soemtimes i do have flare ups but it hard to say it is from the diet.

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