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As the wife of a husband, who has suffered with prostatitis since 1996, I am starting this discussion group for anyone who needs to talk about what they are going through, either before surgery or after surgery.

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Hello Sue, I just wanted to tell you my husband and I watched Dr. Krongrad's video interview of you and your husband and it brought us both to tears. My husband was diagnosed with CP about a year and a half ago.  We have learned as much as we can between the literature provided by the doctors and what we can dig-up online, which is difficult when you're not a medical professional.  But we still feel like we know nothing.  

A friend linked this website to me and I shared the link with my husband.  He wasn't interested in signing up and doesn't believe anything on the internet is going to help him.  So, I decided to sign up when I saw the Wives & Partners group. I'm hoping to gain a better understanding of this illness and find out what I can do for my husband.


We've been together for 20 years and married for almost 17. We are raising three sons together. He means everything to this family and we are all feeling very hopeless. I hope he can someday find treatment and possibly a cure. It's very difficult to talk to him about it, though. He has reached a very low point mentally and is feeling defeated. I can't help but feel that way too, sometimes. 

Anyway, I thought I'd post my introduction here since this is the group that interested me in signing up. Your story is very inspirational and gives me hope! 

Hi Patty; I am so thankful our interview was a help to you and your husband. We were hoping our story would be a blessing and encouragement. We know what it is like to feel there is no hope! 

I am glad to answer any questions I can for you. It is a debilitating illness and I can relate! Nick was so discouraged even being a doctor, that I, like you, had to do the investigating. Don't give up!

Since he has only been diagnosed a year and a half ago, how many years has he actually been having trouble?

I am sorry to hear your husband is so discouraged it is hard for him to even talk to you about what is going on inside his head and heart but hang in there! There is one thing that you might try that helped Nick for a year, before he had the surgery, and has been a help perminantly for others. If you are interested write me back. What state to do live in?

I must say, however, that Dr. Krongrad is wonderful, compassionate and competent! You can't find anyone better should you decide to have the surgery. He and his staff are there for you from beginning to end. Nick is so thankful he had the surgery and has never felt better! His energy is back, no longer any pain or debilitating illness that would litterly make him sick in bed. He is a very active and involved man and this illness was devastating to us.

Feel free to ask me any questions, no matter how persoal, I am glad to walk with you through this!

I am thankful you would take the time and effort to write. There is help and hope! 

Hi, Sue! Thank you! We are in FL. Yes, I'm interested in trying anything for him that can offer relief. Even if Paul (my husband) is a candidate for surgery, it's still a ways off as we get our finances straightened out for such a procedure. Right now he's not even on pain medication so he's laid up in bed. I'll try anything. And actually I meant to say he's been suffering from the symptoms for about a year and a half. The idea of it being CP was entertained by his GP in Jan 2010 and by around March or April of 2010 his urologist officially diagnosed him. He is currently on antibiotics and alpha-blockers (again, for like, the 4th time in the last year). 

Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it!

@ Patty tell your hubby to stop being such a guy about it and join  the forum.
It helps to know your not alone out there with this and having other guys to talk to about it.



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