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Hi does prostatitis cause a burning feeling after urination and the groin to swell?

I have these symptoms too.

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Try an be a little more descriptive.
Hi the tip and inside of my penis burns after I have urinated.
Over the last 8 weeks I have had cipro and some other antibiotics
I have to have an ultrasound in two weeks to check my prostate my psa is 2.4 but they think that may be due to inflamed prostate.
I too deal with that, the burning is the worst for me in the morning after urinating.
Google pudenal neuralgia.
How long does it last for you?
Does it come for a few days then go?
I think I am going through a flare up as my prostate is sore too.
That has happened before but not the burning.
Google pudendal neuralgia.
Thanks for that info I think I will try some stretches as ibuprofen and paracetamol don't seem to do anything.

David have u been diagnosed with pudenal neuralgia?

Yes. I have been in 18 weeks of physical therapy and had my first pudendal nerve injection last Tuesday. My symptoms were/are reddness at tip of penis/uretheral opening, burning inside of urethera, burning after urination, and my personal favorite premature ejaculation. I will be having two more injections over the next two months. I'm already starting to see and feel improvement.

Great! im glad u are getting help. How did u get to the diagnoses? what kinda drs, an test?

It is diagnosed through trial and error. I had urinalysis, blog, std, HSV, and prostate excretion tests multiple times to rule out infection. I also had a cystoscopy to rule out strictures or scar tissue inside the urethera. I also had a TRUS which showed no abnormalities. I had several digital rectal exams which also showed normal.

My symptoms were constant burning at tip of penis and inside urethera, right testicle ached, premature ejaculation, and a feeling of sexual arousal without being stimulated. Pedendal neuralgia mimics several of the symptoms of prostatitis. There are several forums for it. Some of the sites even provide Drs. who are aware of this ailment.
When you had the trus did they just scan you or did they take biopsy too?



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