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Hi does prostatitis cause a burning feeling after urination and the groin to swell?

I have these symptoms too.

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No biopsy. My understanding is there is only a biopsy done when there is a confirmed infection or a possibility of cancer, or an irregular showing via the ultrasound.
Are you based in the UK?
Did you have a PSA test?
I have very similar symptoms to you with prostate inflammation and sometimes pain.
I also had the testical ache and a couple of numb toes on left foot.
My PSA was slightly raised but I am told this is probably due to prostatitis.
Glenn, my first suggestion would be is to try not to diagnose yourself through other suffers experiences. The second thing I would do is ask your urologist if he/she has heard of CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrom)' pudendal nerve entrapment, and pudendal neuralgia. If there unfamiliar with these other ailments I would suggest getting a new urologist. Prostatitis is a very general and over used diagnosis. If your urologist is aware of these other ailments ask him/her what the plan or approach is going to be? If they don't have a well defined plan.....find a different urologist. My first urologist I saw three times and on my third visit he told me tp keep a journal of what I ate for 3 months and come back and see him then. That's when I knew he really didn't have an understanding of what I was going through I and I needed to seek help elsewhere.
This is what worries me as I have seen two different urologist at the same place and neither gave me a DRE.
No test other than a urine test and PSA.
Before seeing the urologist I saw the colonoscopy Dr who did do a Dre who said I have and inflamed prostate.
So I am been sent for a Trus with biopsy basically on the info I have given here!
Was you seen on the NHS David or was it private ?
How can I see a different Eurologist unless I go private?
It's all very worrying.
When you have a trapped pudendal nerve does it cause the prostrate to inflame and pain?
I'm only responding to this thread so others can view my journey. I have had my second injection to reduce inflammation of my pudendal nerve and I am in my 22nd week of physical therapy. My pain level is at 0, with the occasional 2-4. Mostly due to sitting on a hard surface or riding my Harley for to long.

If you have good insurance and an open physician, this may be worth researching for your ailment.

As I have said in other threads......I'm very thankful for this forum and Dr. Konrad for sponsoring this site.

I wish all the best!




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