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Hello everyone,

I'm a 38 year old male that got a urinary tract infection/chlamydia right before basic training at the end of 1992, which turned into epididiymitis & prostatitis. So, I've been dealing with this hell for over half my life now.

I've had just about every test known to man such as: Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, DRE, etc. I've also had the following procedures: (1) Varicocelectomy = no relief (2) Testicles tacked (idiots thought it was torsion after about 2 years of suffering) = no relief & hell to recover (3) Cystoscopy (had to ask for this test) that showed prostate was restricting/squeezing urethra at bladder, so (4) TUIP was performed = offered some relief from buring urination but I now have dribble & weaker/split stream (5) Prostate massages performed in Tucson (2000) = the first couple of drainages really seemed to help relieve some pain and give me slightly more energy but no more real relief from 20-30 massages as the years went on. (6) Inguinal cord block (test to see if microsugical denervation would help) = blocked almost all pain for a couple of hours but then came back (7) microsurgical denervation of spermatic cord = not really any difference than before the surgery (8) Spermatic cord block = complete relief for a couple hours but then came back. (9) loads & loads of different antibiotics throughout the years = messed up my immune system & caused candida infection, which is mostly under control now but never really seemed to help. (10) Trans rectal prostatic injections of antibiotics (gentomycin & steroid?) hurt like hell for days and offered no real help. (11) Epididymectomy = Very rough recovery (lost 15 lbs.) & did not help after cord block helped. (12) Acupuncture = no relief. (13) Supplements = none really helped (beta-sitasterol seemed to provide some kind of relief but nothing to write home about)

Prostate drainages (DRE) always show some type of yeast/pus (indicate infection/inflammation) when cultured & various types of bacteria. DRE's usually hurt really bad when massaged and sometimes one lobe would be larger (or hurt slightly more) than the other but now they appear to be about equal but still hurt if massaged. Also, ultrasound shows several calcifications, most fairly small but many throughout the prostate.

As you can see, the only real relief I've ever gotten is through the initial prostate massage (first 2 or 3) and cord blocks. I also take tramadol for pain once or twice a day & klonopin at night to help with periodic leg movements and teeth grinding. I believe that prostatitis is causing ALL of my symptoms because if you look at what I've had done throughout the years (through process of elimination) there really isn't anything left to cause my symptoms. Of course, I could aways be missing something I guess. My main complaint now is chronic testicular pain (mainly left side) and pain that radiates below the bladder/navel. Also, chronic fatigue, brain fog, asthma, sinus/allergy problems, some discomfort/slight pain after ejaculation & slight burning during urination (sometimes) It should be noted that when I first got sick I was 19 years old and in great shape/health but the combination of infection along with strain during boot camp was simply the end of me.

I've had this crap for so long now that I wouldn't know what it feels like to feel "normal" again, although the the spermatic cord block was a blessing while it lasted. I must admit that most of my relief came from me doing my own research & having the doctors help me along, very sad I know but such is the case with this disease. Even after all of the procedures & hell that I've been through, I'm really scared to death of having the laparoscopic prostate removal. I've read the website and read some of the articles, even most of the forum posts & it seems like it might help me. I just want to be damn sure that it is my prostate (don't really know what else it could be) & not something else before I sign up to have my prostate removed. If anyone reads this biography & you've had the procedure performed or even if you just know a lot about prostatitis, please respond so we can compare notes.


Thanks for listening,



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Hunter, would love to know how you are doing with the LRP??

Hunter G said:

I had LRP almost 3 months ago & I'm slowly getting better. Testicular pain is just about gone & bladder pain is better too. I'm just waiting for the healing process to complete now. I plan on posting an update on this forum every few months. So far it has been worth it.  



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