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A study from Turkey finds that men with chronic prostatitis have more pain on ejaculation and premature ejaculation than normal control. It finds that they do not have more erectile dysfunction.

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Great information. I have personally suffered, since my early twenties, from pain immediately after ejaculation. I never had other signs or symptoms, but the pain would be intense. The pain itself was almost like a sore muscle, and sometimes the urethral burning would be involved.

Ididn't used to get much ejaculatory pain, but I did notice that a sudden drop in body temperature after ejaculation. A bit like what I experienced when I had my infected molar tooth removed. The temperature would rise again later on though. The effect was more often seen while ejaculating and using antibiotics. I've actually measured this drop in temperature also by using a thermoscan ear thermometer.  I always thought that it was the temporary removal of  wbc's, bacteria, and other inflammatory mediators etc etc..


I've never asked if anyone else experienced this also, but I noticed it for years...

Also to reduce the pain after ejaculation and to prevent most of the frequent urination from ejaculating, I found cranberry juice and D mannose (which e coli attach to and get flushed out) prevented these problems for the most part, especially preventing bladder inflammation / infection.
Lots of patients tell me that they get "flu like" symptoms after ejaculation, sometimes lasting for 2-3 days.

That's useful, Blake. Thanks for posting. Do you still get ejaculatory pains? Or is this a thing of the past for you?

I've never had any ejaculatory pain.  In fact, when I do get a painful flare up (which is rare now that I've been taking AllcinMax daily), I can often get the flare up to go away by ejaculating. 


I do have much less semen in my ejaculations now though... although it must still be enough since my son was conceived after I got prostatitis. 

I t seems strange that we can still conceive after contracting prostatitis.I have two children wich I conceived while having this.

How much Allicin do you take Russell and is that all you take.

I take 2 AllicinMax pills per day, with breakfast.  The only other pills I take are a multivitamin and 2 fish oil pills.

Okay, I have to ask, have any of you, either during a flare-up or even during "remission", felt extreme sensitivity?  I have noticed, that over time, my orgasm's are getting more and more intense, almost painful in a sense.  Also, I notice the whole stamina issue arising, even though that is something I fortunately have never had trouble with.  It is like my nerves "down there" are extremely sensitive, allowing me to feel so much more, good AND bad.  Sorry to sound so graphic and/or personal, but I thought a few of you may have had this problem as well.  Could the prostate really be to blame for enhanced sensitivity?

I have had numerous injuries in my life, some of which were extremely painful, but I have never passed out due to pain or heightened feelings.  Some of my orgasms now make me feel like I could actually pass out because of the intense feelings.  Could this be related to the prostatitis?  I certainly believe so!!!



I've felt the extreme sensitivity thing before... but not to the point that it become overly painful.  I've also felt numbness more often than the over sensitivity, but again not so numb that it doesn't still feel good... just less intense I guess.  It's always either numbness or extreme sensitivity every time I have sex, but I never know which it will be until I start.

Although when I take a Viagra before sex, which I do quite often, it makes sex feel like I remember it feeling before the prostatitis.  Don't be embarrassed to ask your doctor for Viagra... it could really make sex more pleasurable for you.  It's worth a shot at least.

I take 0.5mg daily Cialis and helps to relax down there.

I find I get kind of a dull, throbbing pain after ejaculation but not all the time. And it's more of a swollen, congested feeling more than anything.



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