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Anyone know if physical activity makes the CP pain worse? Went to a thing a couple of weeks ago where I did lots of walking and standing and this weekend went skiing and both times I was in unbearable pain the next day.

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Just goes to show how this thing varies so much ... mine sometimes feels better after a run, isn't noticeably affected by walking or standing.  Sitting is the killer. And generally gravity & spinal compression throughout the day I guess, as mine is always worse in the evenings and then much better in the mornings.

I have noticed to much physical activity can cause more pain. I had to give up playing basketball an an other activities. Ive had to learn how to prioritise activities each day to help regulate my pain.

But, I've had the surgery. Long recovery so far but I see the day when I have no pain. Thanks for this.

It's baffling to me. The guys I know who've had the surgery for cancer seem to recover more quickly. Like in the first month or so. In another month it will be a year for me and I'm still not out of the woods pain-wise. I did have complications. I had some pretty bad bleeding about a month in. I was probably trying to do too much. But the pain was definitely worse after that than right after surgery. So, that was probably a huge setback. Sitting and driving are the worst parts although I've seen a big improvement on that lately.

However, I got lucky on the continence thing. About 3 weeks in, I wasn't using the pads anymore. For all intents and purposes, I was 100% continent, relatively quickly. No erections yet, though.

Dr. K did it. Wish more doctors did. Nobody here in Canada is doing the surgery from what I understand. So the travel and expense was considerable. Like most ot the guys, I was pretty desperate. I had no life with the CP.

Hi Dennis, Im sorry ur recovery has been so difficult an long. Are your current symptoms as bad as before treatment? Have u tried any erectile aids?

My symptoms were worse after surgery. Couldn't sit or drive for long periods of time. Never had to worry about that b4 surgery except on really bad days. I think the high pain level and long recovery are due to my complications. I've only heard of one other person who had this long a recovery and he had prostate cancer, not CP.

I'm using Trimix injections for erections.Works really well. Using .5 mcg and get a really hard erection that lasts for about 40 minutes. I had horrible side effects with Cialis and Viagra plus no erections. I understand there's a gel version of Trimix that you just shoot down your urethra so you don't have to use needles. Haven't checked that out yet. I've also taught myself to have orgasms without erections. Never knew that was possible. Btw, I leak a fair amount of urine when having an orgasm but I understand that goes away with time. But, it's a real nuisance at the moment.

Where erections before surgery normal? Did u have any experience any fatigue an sickness with ur prostatitis symptoms. Im glad u found something to help with erections. Hang in there i, hope you continue to improve. Can u elaborate on the bleeding after surgery?

I had perfectly normal erections b4 surgery. Spontaneous and morning erections. Very firm, too. I understand that's a good sign in getting them back later. My prostatitis caused mostly scrotal pain, about 90%. Just a little perineal pain. Didn't feel sick or fatigued.

One morning, about 3-1/2 weeks after surgery, I went to take a leak and pure blood came out. Then it must have clotted bc I couldn't urinate at all after. I went to the hospital and they put me on a 3-way catheter for a couple of days until my urine cleared. I had no blood or clots in my urine after that.

It was pretty scary. But I was recovering quite quickly b4 that. I ended up with more discomfort and pain after the hospital visit. Wonder what it would have been like if that hadn't happened.

I have had the blood clots in the bladder from pervious surgery. It is horrible one of the most painful things i have ever felt when the bladder spasms. Very scary stuff.

This is the only surgery I've had for CP. A lot of the guys have had other surgeries that, obviously, didn't work. Sorry you had that experience.

It is worse but the biopsy showed I had CP and the prostate was boggy according to everyone who had examined me. This was my second go round. I had it back in the mid-90's. Thanks for the heads up on the other things, though.



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