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A patient with years of chronic prostatitis had prostate removal. Surgery revealed adherent seminal vesicles, around which the pathologist found scar with hemosiderin-laden macrophages (photo), a finding associated with old hemorrhage. There was no such finding inside the seminal vesicles. There was also no such microscopic finding in the case previously described in which old, grossly apparent blood was found at the seminal vesicles at the time of surgery. One wonders if in some cases events that cause bleeding are the triggers for chronic prostatitis.


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Are you talking here about the same phages that are smaller than bacteria and can kill curtain bacteria specific to there type only a much larger version hence the macro status?
Ok I have wonder a long time ago if this was a factor in my condition since it got more severe ie one month ago!

Macrphages As a host for intracellular pathogens

In their role as a phagocytic immune cell macrophages are responsible for engulfing pathogens to destroy them. Some pathogens subvert this process and instead live inside the macrophage. This provides an environment in which the pathogen is hidden from the immune system and allows it to replicate.

Diseases with this type of behaviour include tuberculosis (caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis) and leishmaniasis (caused by Leishmania species).

Iam currently waiting for blood results relating to this ill let you know how they go but this may still be a factor due to the seperatness of the prostate ie its specific function closed offness surrouinded by muscle and low blood supply so although it may be a hug factor results may not be conclusive from blood tests also I'm now on antibiotcs which again could drastically change the results atleast it curtainly would ave whjen I felt much better when my infaction was still plantonic in nature/ without biofilm. Which leads me to part 2

Not at all. Macrophages are a type of white blood cell (WBC).



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