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In recent months I have noticed a lump in the area of the perinium on the left side (which is the side of all of the pain as well).


It can not be seen externally - but when pressure applied to perinium it can be felt - it is about the size of a grape - and painful if pressed.


I am not looking for medical evaluation - I know tht is not the purpose of this site - I am asking my Doc about it - and so far no luck.


Just fishing for it seems related to symptoms.


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Could be inflamed muscle, blood clot, hemorrhoid, anal fistula ....... long list.

Perhaps it's related to the symptoms. Perhaps not.
Thats pretty much what my local doc said as well - "e.g. oh well - wonder what that is - but lets not worry about it".

I wonder if it is an artifact created from the injections over the years.

My real concerns is - I would hate to do something drastic like surgery - and then find out later - "oh wait -- it was just a (fill in blank here) - should have left that prostate in after all..."
Sure. It could be granuloma from injections. Or scar from what may have been an old bleed.

It it's from injections, then it does not explain your symptoms, which preceded the injections. Did you have it before your symptoms appeared?
No - I did not have it before - or if I did - it went unnoticed.

I assume it is from injections as well - but pressure on it does cause increased pain in prostate and seminal vesicles - as well as urinary symptoms.

Of course - could be pressing on that part of your anatomy is a stupid idea if you have prostatitis - so stop it dummy....
James, I have had similar symptoms to this occasionally during a bad flare up, also on the left side where the pain is. It "feels" as if the prostate is so swollen it has put pressure on the perineum/left side of rectum. When my symptoms are under control it is not noticeable. I have had a history of haemorrhoids before my prostatitis started. In fact I have good reason to believe my prostatitis started from haemorrhoid treatment. I wonder if it is possible that a severely swollen prostate can cause downward pressure on a haemorrhoid to create this symptom?
Perhaps - but the presence of a palpable mass inside the perinium area (not the rectum) is odd.
James, can you tell, does it move seperately from the skin? Could it be a muscle knot?
Not sure what a muscle knot is - so I can not answer that question.
But is does have some "moveability" - i.e. it is soft tissue so movable - not bone like and stable
Sorry James, muscle knot was probably not the best term, lol.

I was simply thinking that it could be a spot of muscle tension that could potentially be "broken" or released by pressure.
perhaps - I have tried that myself to no avail - my dr. is thinkng of doing an mri to rule out abcess or other issue now.
Let me know how that works. I am having pelvic physical therapy and this woman has found knots on me that I did not think were possible. That is what made me think of your situation.....
is the therapy "internal" or external?

How did you find the therapist?

I am quite skeptical of the wise/anderson thing - but am also willing to try anything.

I have tried a lot of stretching and chiropractic - but not pelvic floor therapy - its really not easy to find anywhere.



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